How to Say “Have A Good Time” in Indonesia Language

Indonesia has its own culture including in language. they have their own ethics and manners to say. It is differentiated in two ways, namely formal and informal. Formal language is usually is spoken up when in formal situation such as in school, in office, in meeting, etc. on the other side, informal language is applied […]

How to Say Time in Bahasa Indonesia – Important Phrases

It is really important to know how to say about time in any languages. Because we cannot make mistake in term of time and it is sometimes related to schedule, such as the schedule of departure or arrival of flight, schedule of meeting or even schedule of lesson in the class. After we learn about […]

How to Tell Time in Indonesia – Vocabulary – Phrases

Welcome back to MasteringBahasa! In our previous article about Indonesian Common Verbs, we have discussed about Indonesian Verbs. This article is related to that article. Why? Because we will discuss How to Tell Time in Indonesian Language. In our previous article about Indonesian Questions , we have discussed how to tell time with the question word of […]