The Meaning of the Word ‘Bangsat’ in Bahasa Indonesia

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After we learned about the word, ‘anjing’, that is usually used as a swearing in Bahasa Indonesia, now we are going to learn similar one, ‘bangsat’. ‘Bangsat‘ is a swearing word that’s quite often used in a colloquial conversation by Indonesian.

Similar to ‘anjing‘, the word ‘bangsat‘ is also used to express anger or hate towards somebody. So if you have not read an article about the word, ‘anjing, better check it out. It will ease up to learn about this word since it has a similar connotation with ‘bangsat‘.

For a better explanation about the word, ‘bangsat‘, let’s just jump to its meaning explanation in the following part.

The Meaning of Bangsat

According to KBBI, ‘bangsat‘ means bedbug or disgusting louse. In most occasion, Indonesian used the word ‘bangsat‘ as a swearing word to express their anger toward somebody. In English, ‘bangsat‘ is similar as scum, crook, or any other word that has harsh meaning.

Different with ‘anjing‘, the word ‘bangsat‘ is rarely used as a slang word or a nickname to call a close friend by young Indonesian. Therefore, never call someone as ‘bangsat‘ unless you are really hate the person and want you express your anger.

Fun fact about the word ‘bangsat‘, a long-lasting war (baratayuda war) was once caused because someone was mocked by using this word. So, you do not want to mess something up so badly by using this word carelessly.

How To Pronounce ‘Bangsat’

‘Bangsat’ is pronounced as /bang·sat/ in Bahasa Indonesia. The /bang/ is pronounced as in trunk, while /sat/ is the same as in hut in English.
The pronunciation of ‘bangsat’ is clear and brief. The tone is raised quite much to emphasize its harsh meaning.

Some Examples of Using the Word ‘Bangsat‘ in Sentence

To give a more comprehensive understanding about the meaning of the word ‘bangsat‘, we provide you some sentences which contain the word ‘bangsat‘ in it. Each sentence will have its translated version and context written in English directly below it. So, pay attention to each sentence to know how to use ‘bangsat‘ properly in a conversation.

  • Bangsat, dia mencuri uangku lagi.
  • Shit, he stole my money again.

In the above example, the speaker is knowing that someone has stolen his money again. So, to express his anger towards the person, the speaker used the word ‘bangsat‘ which is equal as shit or damn in English. This example shows the use of the word ‘bangsat‘ as a show of anger to a situation, not to call somebody they hate.

  • Hei bangsat, mana uangku?!
  • Hey scum, where is my money?!

From the example above, the speaker is confronting someone who the speaker accuses for stealing the money. The word ‘bangsat‘ is used to call the accused person by the speaker for stealing money. In this context, ‘bangsat‘ has the same meaning as the swearing word, scum or crook, in English.

  • Si bangsat bodoh itu nuduh sembarangan lagi!
  • That idiot crook is accusing wildly again.

In this sentence, the word ‘bangsat‘ is used with the word ‘bodoh‘ or stupid to make the word has harsher meaning and will be a worse insult toward the person. Similar with English, Bahasa Indonesia also commonly uses two swearing words to intensify the insult or expressing anger.

Conclusion About the Meaning of ‘Bangsat

To recap all the explanations above, the meaning of the word ‘bangsat‘ is a swearing word used to express anger or hate towards a person. Its equivalent meaning in English are scum, crook, or son of a bitch.

Since ‘bangsat‘ is mostly used as a very harsh swearing word, it is rarely used as a slang word to nickname a close friend like the other swearing word, ‘anjing‘. So, the application of the word ‘bangsat‘ and ‘anjing‘ has some differences to be used in a conversation based on the situation. Thus, is a harsh word, don’t use it in public or you will be in danger.