The Meaning of Indonesian Slang Word ‘Kepo’ and Examples

As a part of any language, slang words exist and are mostly used by the young generation. By using slang words, it means that they are being part on popularizing the newest trend among the young generation. Also, by most young people, using slang words in a sentence or conversation is considered as a cool thing to do.

Now, we are going to expand our slang dictionary by learning the word ‘kepo’. The slang word ‘kepo’ is usually used in an informal conversation between friends. The degree of friendship must be a little bit intimate between friends in order to use this word in a conversation. Otherwise, it would be have an annoying connotation to the addresser if a stranger or not close friend say this word to them.

To have a better understanding about the meaning of Indonesian slang word, ‘kepo’, read the explanations below about the meaning, the pronunciation, and examples on how to use the word in a conversation.

The Meaning of ‘Kepo

The word ‘kepo’ is mostly used as a slang word by the young generation. The meaning of the slang word, ‘kepo’, is wanting to know in detail about everything. It is usually used as a mockery to someone who is being curious about everything that is usually a private thing. So, if you meet someone who wants to know everything about you or anything they see, you can call or mock them using the word ‘kepo’.

Originally, the word ‘kepo’ is from an abbreviation of English sentence, ‘knowing every particular object’. While in Bahasa Indonesia, the word ‘kepo’ is mostly used to mock someone who is curious about anything they see. Therefore, the use of the slang word, ‘kepo’, refers to a person only and rarely used to describe a situation.

The pronunciation of ‘Kepo

The word ‘kepo’ is pronounced as /kay-pow/. There are several tone to pronounce ‘kepo’, but mostly it is pronounced with coquettish or kittenish tone to give an annoying connotation.

The Example in Using ‘Kepo’ In Sentence

The following sentences are the examples of using ‘kepo‘ in Bahasa Indonesia conversation. Each of it will be given an explanation on how is the situation of the conversation. The English translation is stated directly below the sentences.

  • Hargai privasi orang, jangan kepo
  • Respect other’s privacy, don’t be so curious

In the example above, the addresser is telling someone to not being ‘kepo’ or curious about other people privacy.

  • Kepo banget gue sama dia.
  • I’m so curious about him

As seen in the example above, the speaker is curious about someone and wanting to know more about him. In this context, the speaker is maybe having a crush on him. Therefore, the speaker is using the word ‘kepo’ to express her curiosity.

After learning the meaning of the Indonesian slang word, ‘kepo’, it can be concluded like this. ‘Kepo’ is mostly used by the young generation in informal conversation to express their curiosity about something. It can also be used in negative connotation referring to someone who is curious about a person’s privacy information.