All The Mean Things Indonesian Girls Say to You When They Don’t Like You

Friendliness is one of the word could be described for Indonesian people. People of Indonesia likes to greet, help, and always say sorry before they ask for help or talk to new people or foreigners. Besides the friendliness, Indonesia is also famous by the Indonesian girls.

Indonesian girls are famous because of their friendliness, multitasking ability and beauty. They are willing to help and greet people.

However, Indonesian girls are not only friendly but they also can be girls who don’t like other people. Indonesian girls show their dislike to other people’s behavior or how people talk in a discussion. Therefore, what are things Indonesian girls say to you when they don’t like you?

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You have to know these things so that you may anticipate yourself when you approach Indonesian girls from their romantic or common sides.

  1. “You are just fine and okay…”

By saying this things, Indonesian girls don’t want to hurt you or somebody who ask about the appearance or the comment of something you show to Indonesia girls.

They may express this expression for not hurting someone or people. The meaning of you are just fine and okay on a person’s appearance is the person or people whom the Indonesian girls look is not as they want to see.

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  1. “I am sorry, I think I cannot meet you this week…”

This expression is the soft expression to refuse a date by Indonesian girls. They would like to refuse the appointment by extending the time.

They reply the appointment to something they don’t like, perhaps when you ask them out. Indonesian girls, still, refuse it in a soft way.

  1. “Yes…” or “No”

Indonesian girls think that it is not polite if they become quiet while meeting other people. They actually will give their uninteresting gestures to the person or the people they don’t like.

However, they might still answers some questions if they are asked by those people and they might just answers with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If the questions relate to explain something, they will answer shortly. 

  1. “I don’t think what you say is the right thing, I think……”

Indonesian girls will sometimes argue about something they don’t like or it isn’t interest them.

They will directly refute the topic or the discussion to the person or people they are talking to. They refute and give their reasons why they don’t understand or don’t agree about the topic they are talking about with you.

  1. “It is just, there are lots of things I think about…”

It means that Indonesian girls would like to be quite. If Indonesian girls don’t like you or they are angry with you, they are sometimes lazy to talk.

They choose to be quite or they may give the statement like, “I think about lots of thing,” or “I don’t mind to listen to you.” Some girls are full of secrets when they feel moody, especially when they are not in a good mood.

Those are the things Indonesian girls say to you when they don’t like you. Of course, it is not all Indonesian girls will do or say the same things.

However, it depends on the situations and the personalities of Indonesian girls. So, have you met those Indonesian girls? What are the things those Indonesian girls say to you when they don’t like you?