Flirty Compliments and Pick Up Lines in Indonesian – Examples

If you are interested in approaching an Indonesian girl or guy, it works better if you impress them with pick up lines in Bahasa Indonesia. Being a bit playful is also useful when you want to bargain while shopping. Indonesians love getting teased, it can be a way to connect with new people and make friends.

Compliments and pick up lines often come in informal language. So you don’t have to worry about the grammar aspect. You are welcome to use as many as slang possible. The difference between informal and formal lies in the setting where the language used. Informal is widely used on a daily casual conversation.

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How to say someone is beautiful

Nothing more flattering than someone telling us we’re beautiful. These are pick up lines and compliments related to the word beautiful.

Variation of words that means beautiful in Bahasa:

1. cantik (c^ntik): beautiful, pretty


  • Kamu cantik sekali. (you’re very beautiful).
  • Wanita cantik. (A beautiful lady)
  • Kamu wanita yang sangat cantik. (you’re a very pretty girl)
  • Hai, cantik! (Hi, beautiful!)
  • Hai, cewek cantik! (Hi, beautiful girl!)

2. cakep (c^kœp): beautiful, handsome (can be used both for guys and girls)


  • Halo, cewek cakep! (Hello, beautiful girl!)
  • Siapa namamu, cakep? (What’s your name, pretty?)

3. manis (m^niis): cute, pretty, literally means sweet.


  • wajah yang manis! (What a cute face!)
  • kamu manis sekali! (You’re very cute!)

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Compliment specific features and personality

It’s also a good idea to mention specific features instead of complimenting general figure. For example, telling how beautiful someone’s hair is. However keep in mind that Indonesian society is quite conservative, so keep it civil when complimenting. Learn how to be polite and friendly in Indonesia.

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Among the specific features you can mention when approaching an Indonesian guy or girl are the hair, eyes, smile, body (but only fitness such as muscular/strong/healthy. Try to steer clear for anything more explicit), and skin (but do not mention color, Indonesians sometimes can be sensitive).


  • Rambutmu panjang dan hitam sekali, sangat cantik! (Your hair is very long and black, very beautiful!)
  • Senyum kamu sangat menawan. (You have an amazing smile)
  • Manis sekali kamu jika tersenyum. (You’re really pretty when you smile)
  • Aku suka rambut mu. (I like your hair)
  • Aku suka dengan matamu yang indah. (I like your beautiful eyes)
  • Kamu punya kulit yang bersinar. (You have shinny skin)
  • Wah, kamu cukup tinggi, ya! (Wow, you’re quite tall!)
  • Aku suka dengan otot-mu, kamu rajin ke gym ya? (I like your muscle, you’re really like to go to the gym, aren’t you?)
  • Mentioning personality also a way to go.


  • Baik banget kamu. (You’re very kind)
  • Kamu lucu deh. (You’re so funny)
  • Kayaknya kamu orangnya seru deh. (You look like you are a really fun person)
  • Kamu ramah dan supel banget. (You’re very friendly and social I guess)
  • Kamu sangat menyenangkan diajak ngobrol. (You’re so fun to have a conversation with) 

Wordplay and teasing

Now let’s get to the pickup part. Teasing and flirting is fun in Bahasa Indonesia. A mixture of corny and poetic, these pick up lines are will guarantee to make your target laugh.

  • Aku tersesat nih, boleh tau peta ke hati mu? (I’m lost, may you tell me the map to your heart?)
  • Apa kamu bidadari yang jatuh dari surga? (Are you an angel falling from heaven?)
  • Bolehkah aku panggil kamu sayang, karena aku tidak tahu namamu. (Can I call you “sayang”? Because I don’t know your name).
    Note: Sayang is how Indonesian call their beloved, translate as “my dear” or “my love”.
  • Ayahmu pencuri ya? Beliau pasti mengajarimu untuk mencuri hatiku. (Is your father a thief, he must have taught you to steal my heart)
  • Apa kamu Wifi? Karena aku langsung konek ke kamu. (Are you a Wi Fi? Because I can instantly connect with you)

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More practical examples:

  • Boleh aku traktir minum? (Can I buy you a drink?)
  • Boleh tahu nomer hape-mu? (What’s your phone number)
  • Ayo keluar bareng malam minggu besok. (Let’s hang out together on weekend)

Now that you know, you can go out and practice them. Make some local Indonesian guys and girls impressed by your Bahasa skill in picking up!