What Does It Mean to Indonesian “Amit-Amit”? Clear Examples

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Well, today in our Indonesian language course you are going to learn about the modern slang words, the usage, the meanings like What does it mean to Indonesian “Amit-amit”?

So, prepare on your millennial dictionary and slang vocabulary of Indonesian because we are about to learn about modern slang words how does it become slang words, what kind of context is behind them and when is the appropriate time to use these slang words.

Firstly we are going to focus on this word “Amit-Amit” So, what does it mean and it is inappropriate words or appropriate words? You are going to learn of that in a few minutes.

So now, what is the meaning of Amit-Amit in Indonesian?

Back to the original question, What does it mean to Indonesian “Amit-amit”? We know that this is slang words, but how we use it and is it appropriate slang words to use? So the meaning of Amit-Amit in Indonesian is similar to gross, or if in English, it can mean like “Ewww”.

Sometimes, Amit-Amit can also be used to express clear hesitation to do something it can also mean to show disgust in something. Like if someone forces you to date, someone, you don’t like at all.

In daily life, you can use this word to express hesitation and can also express the urge of disgusts, like when you are forced to do some dirty works, you can express like “Amit-amit dah” or when you are compared with a very ugly looking things, “Amit-amit saya tidak sejelek itu“.

so the example would be like this:

  • “Amit-amit, Saya tidak mau kau bandingkan dengan dia”                “Eww, I don’t want you to compare me with that person”.
  • “Amit-amit, Saya berteman dengan dia”                                                          “Eww, I don’t want to befriend with that person”.

The function of “Amit-amit” in daily terms

When should we use this word, and when should we don’t use it? This word is considered in some place of Indonesian as rude slangs. This word is also used in most informal situations.

It is highly inappropriate to use this word in a formal situation to show your hesitation. If you are in a formal situation it is best to use other words like “Maaf” to show hesitation or disgust. In some situation, this word can also mean like that not just means sorry.

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That’s it the meaning of Amit-amit did we answer you on  What does it mean to Indonesian “Amit-amit”?