What Do Malaysians Think about the Standard Indonesian Accent? Are They The Same

Indonesian is a big country. As it is one of the country which has lots of tribes in it, Indonesia also has the language for each tribes in all provinces. Because there are lots of tribes and their languages, Indonesia must have one official language. The official language which is decided to be used and spoken is Indonesian language.

The amount of many tribes’ in Indonesia is also relates to how the people of Indonesia from each tribes speak Indonesian language. The accents from each tribes of speaking Indonesian is different. The accent can give how to speak Indonesian clearly, or it cannot.

How the accent speak is also relates to how often the Indonesian language is spoken in that tribes or region. The more people speak Indonesia language, the fluently they speak.

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Indonesian Language’s Accent

The accents of Indonesian language is important for people who have willingness to speak or learn Indonesian language, for example Malaysians.

The people who the country becomes the neighbor Indonesia are interested to speak or learn the Indonesian language or Indonesian music. But the question of Malaysians is what do Malaysians think about the standard Indonesian accent?

There are some meanings accent in Indonesia. According to The Official Indonesian Language Dictionary (KBBI: Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia) the meaning of aksen is the pronunciation of a language which becomes a person’s characteristic. This meaning relates to the accent when the Indonesian language is spoken.

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Standard Indonesian Language’s Accent and Where the Indonesian Language are Often Spoken

Malaysians think of some accents from some tribes, provinces, or region in Indonesia are different.

They are interested about the standard of Indonesian language’s accent which has some famous accents which come from some regions in Sumatra, some regions in Java, and the capital city Jakarta. 

The Javanese has their special accent when they speak Indonesian language. People say it as ‘medok’ or the stress in word or sentence is strong enough.

Java is the island with the biggest populations in Indonesia. The island which gets more opportunity to learn Indonesian language and the island which Indonesian language is often to be spoken. The people of Indonesia speak Indonesian language here will sometimes be combined with Javanese so that the Indonesian language will sound ‘medok’.

There are some Malaysians who work in Jakarta so that it can be found that Indonesian language are often spoken in Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia. Indonesian language is sometimes sound different with Malaysian language from some of their words.

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The accent of Indonesian language in Jakarta will be sounded more clearly than it is heard in Javanese. It is also affected by the melting pot situation in Jakarta which force people to speak one language which all people are able to understand.

Those two regions which can be said as the accent of Indonesian language is often to be spoken and can be the standard of Indonesian language’s accent.

Of course, not all Malaysians has the same opinions or thoughts. It depends on the experiences they have. Indeed, the accent of Indonesian language relates to how the language are often spoken and learnt and it is also related to the tribes and the provinces in Indonesia.