What Do Malaysians Think about the Standard Indonesian Accent? Are They The Same

Indonesian is a big country. As it is one of the country which has lots of tribes in it, Indonesia also has the language for each tribes in all provinces. Because there are lots of tribes and their languages, Indonesia must have one official language. The official language which is decided to be used and […]

Can Malaysians Understand Indonesian? Here’s The Differences

Hello there, how are you today? Are you ready for the lesson today? Yes. okay now we talk about Malaysians; can Malaysians understand Indonesian? Maybe they can understand little but not much. However, we start the lesson, we should previous first about the last lesson, we already know about Is Bahasa Malaysia the same as Bahasa […]

3 Similarities between Malaysia and Indonesia – Find Out Here!

Hey dearest people! How are you in this time? Hopefully, you keep feeling great and healthy in all time. By the way, we want to ask you about where do you come originally from ? Meanwhile, have you ever visited Malaysia and Indonesia. Okay if you have come to these both countries, or even lived […]