3 Similarities between Malaysia and Indonesia – Find Out Here!

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By the way, we want to ask you about where do you come originally from ? Meanwhile, have you ever visited Malaysia and Indonesia. Okay if you have come to these both countries, or even lived in one of them, then you should have know what the difference between these countries. Although it is a little bit hard to distinguish both countries since there are so many similarities.

In case you want to know about the the similarities between Malaysia and Indonesia, here the information that can be shared to you. Check it out, guys!

1. The language

Either Indonesia or Malaysia have Malay dialect for their national language. Each of structural language from both countries is literally similar, though sometimes you can determine a little different dialect when it is pronounced. A few of difference in both language could exist since Indonesia and Malaysia are colonized by different countries. Indonesia was taken over by Dutch and in the same time British took control of Malaysia.  Also read: Benefits of Studying Indonesian for Foreign

For example, how the meaning and pronunciation of “money” in both languages. In Indonesian, it is called as “uang”. Meanwhile, it is said as “wang” in Malaysian. How it is spelled and sounded quite similar, right ? Also read: How to Learn Indonesian Alphabets

2. Located in Southeast Asia Region

Either Malaysia or Indonesia, both are tropical countries where located in the region of Southeast Asia. In addition, both countries are included in the places where khatulistiwa line crossed. So that, Indonesia and Malasysia only have two seasons, rainy and dry season. Also read: Indonesian Language Difficulties

Actualy, khatulistiwa is the other name of Equator line. The countries where become the locations on Equator line acrossed, have experience the quickest sunrises and sunsets. The length of daylight when begins from the sun rises until it sets, is quietly constant without much different length. It is about twelve hours in either daylight or night. However, it is fourteen minutes longer in daylight than the duration of night. Also read: How to Say I am Fine in Indonesian

3. The body posture and face type

The indigenous people from each of both countries actually looks alike. It is not that easy to distinguish anyone comes originally from Malaysia or Indonesia. It is surely because of the same ancestors for all people from Indonesia and Malaysia. So that, no need to wonder why they have typical body posture and face. Also read: SSimilarities between Malay and Indonesian 

Homo wajakensis was assumed to be the first generation of ancestors of Indonesian and Malaysian. They have own charateristic, including of :

  • Skin that ranging from brown until yellow tone,
  • The psture is not as tall as the Western people,
  • Eyes ranging from brown until black, and
  • Black hair.

These characteristic is their own uniqueness that makes people from both countries can be distinguished. Meanwhile, most of the Westerns, including Americans and Europeans, have white tone skin and blonde hair. In adfition, Africans have the diversed characteristics with their black skin.

The best way to distinguish and guess where someone comes whether from Indonesia or Malaysia is concerning the dialect used in conversation. Though both languages are similar, but the local people have their own characteristics in pronunciation. How their conversation sounds can help you to determine the original place someone comes from.

Okay, that is all of similarities between Malaysia and Indonesia. Hopefully this article is useful to you. See ya good people!