What Region of Indonesia Has The Best Accent to Learn Bahasa Indonesia?

When you have a passion at Linguistics and you keep wondering which country has the most regional languages in the world? The answer is Papua New Guinea. The first position of the country with the most languages in the world is now occupied by Papua New Guinea with several languages reaching 867 languages, while Indonesia […]

What Does Indonesian English Accent Sound Like? How to Pronounce Bahasa Words

As English is now widely spoken globally, other parts of the world outside the US, UK, Australia, or Canada, try to learn and speak English. English is an Indonesian second language and most of them usually train to speak like native speakers, either American English or British English, even with their broken English. But there […]

What Do Malaysians Think about the Standard Indonesian Accent? Are They The Same

Indonesian is a big country. As it is one of the country which has lots of tribes in it, Indonesia also has the language for each tribes in all provinces. Because there are lots of tribes and their languages, Indonesia must have one official language. The official language which is decided to be used and […]