What Does It Mean to Indonesian “Amit-Amit”? Clear Examples

Hello astonishingly good looking learners and awesome pupils, are you ready to start our lesson today on Bahasa Indonesia? Well, today in our Indonesian language course you are going to learn about the modern slang words, the usage, the meanings like What does it mean to Indonesian “Amit-amit”? So, prepare on your millennial dictionary and […]

What Is The Indonesian Slang Words You Hate The Most?

Indonesian language is notorious for its numerous ever expanding slang words. It may even need a special dictionary to explain each of them. And it does not include slang words Indonesians use when chatting. Slangs in Indonesia vary from daily slangs (such as the meaning of word “lo”)to offensive expletives. Which ones would you hate the […]

The Meaning of Indonesian Slang Word ‘Kepo’ and Examples

As a part of any language, slang words exist and are mostly used by the young generation. By using slang words, it means that they are being part on popularizing the newest trend among the young generation. Also, by most young people, using slang words in a sentence or conversation is considered as a cool […]

What Does “Gabut” Mean in Indonesian – The Examples

Gabut is an Indonesian slang word that started to be popular in around 2011. There are several meanings and origins of this word. Until now, people use this word so often that it feels like gabut is an Indonesian formal word. Several of you must be confused because you cannot find this word in Great […]