What is The Meaning of Sange in Indonesia? Slang Word

One day when you’re conversing with Indonesians or joining an online conversation full of Indonesians people, you might encounter the word “Sange”. Sange is a slang word, and it is usually spoken more on internet chatrooms and social media than in a real-world conversation. What does it mean, anyway? If you’re curious about this word, […]

What is Brondong in Indonesia? Examples and Meaning

The word Brondong might not be the most popular Indonesian slang out there, but you can’t help but wonder what does it mean. The word is popular especially among a gossipy group comprising mostly of older ladies. Let’s find out what this word means and in what situation the word Brondong is being used. The […]

What Is The Indonesian Slang Words You Hate The Most?

Indonesian language is notorious for its numerous ever expanding slang words. It may even need a special dictionary to explain each of them. And it does not include slang words Indonesians use when chatting. Slangs in Indonesia vary from daily slangs (such as the meaning of word “lo”)to offensive expletives. Which ones would you hate the […]

“Lo” Meaning in Indonesian – Slang Word – Examples

If you’re visiting Indonesia and especially if you’re staying near the area of Jakarta, you’ll hear the word “lo” often. And if you look for the meaning in your dictionary, there’s a chance you won’t find the meaning of this word. Yes, “lo” is one of the slangs in Indonesian. Understanding slang means one of […]

The Meaning of “Bu” in Indonesia – Examples

When you’re visiting Indonesia, you’ll notice how Indonesians use often the word “Bu”. You heard them a lot especially when someone address a lady. What does “Bu” mean in Indonesia? Let’s see… The literal meaning of bu. “Bu” is short from the word “Ibu”. Ibu in popular Bahasa Indonesia means mother. You can pronounce ibu […]

How to Say “Good” in Indonesian – Vocabulary and The Meaning

Good may sound like a simple word in English. And you might think that its translation in Bahasa is also as simple as it is in English. Well, actually there are quite a lot of variation of the word good, from its literal translation according to the dictionary, to its slang/informal variation. Let’s find out […]

What Does Saya Mean in Indonesian? Vocabulary and Meaning

If you start learning Bahasa Indonesia, you might encounter a lot the word “saya”. Saya means “I” or “I am”. It’s the first person pronoun in a sentence. As in the word “I”, It is how people refer to themselves in a conversation. However, it’s not as simple as that. Also, look at easy phrases in […]

Can A US Citizen Live in Indonesia for A Longer Time? Rules and Obligation

Look at the sprawl of eleven thousand-ish tropical islands Indonesia have The sea and the beach are calling. Beautiful nature, friendly people, tasty food, and not to mention, everything is cheap. It’s understandable to have a tropical dream to live in Indonesia. It’s not easy to not get tempted to pack your bag, catch a […]

A-Z Untranslatable Indonesian Phrases You Need to Add to Your Vocabulary

Languages often have those phrases which are hard to translate to other languages. This applies to Bahasa Indonesia as well. The language has several popular phrases with no equivalent of them in the English language. These are often phrases included in informal Bahasa. Informal Bahasa Indonesia is a type of Bahasa that does not always […]

Flirty Compliments and Pick Up Lines in Indonesian – Examples

If you are interested in approaching an Indonesian girl or guy, it works better if you impress them with pick up lines in Bahasa Indonesia. Being a bit playful is also useful when you want to bargain while shopping. Indonesians love getting teased, it can be a way to connect with new people and make […]