What Is the Meaning of Bawel in Indonesia? Vocabulary and Example

Do you decide to visit Indonesia soon? You had better learn the language even though you haven’t decided to visit this multicultural country.

As this country is rich by its language, Indonesia is also famous with its slang words. As same as other county, there are lots of slang words from Indonesia which describe lots of activity or describe a person’s personality.

People of Indonesia is usually describe a person’s personality by using the adjective words, of course, every language as its different form to describe or to tell something, especially describing someone’s personality. One of the famous adjective words which comes from Indonesia and describing someone’s personality is known as one of the slang words is Bawel.

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Have you ever heard of this word? Then, what is the meaning of Bawel in Indonesia?

  • The meaning of Bawel

According to online Indonesian Language Big Dictionary (KBBI), Bawel word has the meaning of suka mencela; cerewet, or in English we called it as captious or fault-founding.

Bawel: captious, fault-founding, fussy

This word also has the synonym both in Indonesia and English.

Synonym of Bawel: banyak bicara, comel, banyak cakap and ceriwis.

Synonym of captious: carping, irritable, fussy, and sarcastic (adjective)

  • How and When to express and speak Bawel word

The word Bawel comes from the slang word when people usually talk about daily activities in their daily conversations to express someone’s feeling, usually anger feeling, towards someone’s personality. The word Bawel is spoken by the people who has same age who have been know quite close and the older people to younger. This word means the negative meaning.

The word Bawel also has the closest meaning to describe the motherhood’s personality. Of course, not all mothers have this personality. However, if a person describe her or his mother with the word Bawel, this word sometimes describes good personality of the mother who are very organized and wants everything look perfect.

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The word Bawel is often used to describe someone’s personality who are happy to talk about other people personality. The person who has Bawel’s personality often talk about the weakness of other people. This word also describes the person’s personality who wants to look perfect in every activity, jobs, or appearance but the person do nothing.

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After knowing what is the meaning of Bawel in Indonesia here are the example of Bawel usage. 

  • Example of the usage of the phrase and expressions:
Bawel banget! So captious!
Jangan bawel, kerjakan saja! Don’t be captious, just do it!
Kok bawel sih?! Why are you so captious?!
Bawel lo! You’re so fussy! (mocking)
Bawel banget, kerja enggak! So captious, but do nothing!
Mamaku kok bawel ya? Why is my mother so fussy?
Pacarku bawel, aku bosan dibawelinya! My girlfriend is fussy, I am bored of it!
Kalau tidak Bawel, bukan Chika namanya… If she is not captious, Chika is not her name… (sarcasm)
Jangan bawel kalau jadi orang! Don’t be such a captious person!
Gita Bawel ya, suka membicarakan orang, namun dia tidak berkaca dengan sikapnya! Gita is so captious, she likes to talk about other people, but she doesn’t get her own mirror!
Kerjaan dia membaweli orang, padahal ia malas bekerja. His work is just being a captious person, though he is a lazy person…
Tidak baik hanya bawel terhadap orang tanpa berkaca. It’s not good to be a captious person without mirroring ourselves.

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