Is It Difficult to Learn Indonesian? Learning Tips

Are you having difficulty learning Indonesian? Or are you having ease learning it? Well if you are not having any particular difficulties in learning Indonesian, there must be some similarities between Indonesian and your mother language. So, is it difficult to learn Indonesian?

In learning any second language, there some condition that make the learners having a hard time to learn the language or not. In Bahasa Indonesia, it should be relatively easy to be understood since the alphabets used are the same with the most Latin Alphabets.

While being typically easy to learn because of its same alphabet type with most language, Bahasa Indonesia has different structure of grammar and the use of affixes that make it a bit confusing to learn by foreigners.

The discussion about the difficulties in learning Indonesian will be on the next two parts which consist of a part about what makes Bahasa Indonesia easy to learn, and the next about what makes Bahasa Indonesia difficult to learn. Here we go.

The Simplicity in Learning Bahasa Indonesia

While being a language which uses Latin alphabet as stated before, there are some others simple things in Indonesia that could be learned with ease. The first is about the 3rd person form. For example, in English, there are 3 forms of 3rd person, which are he, she, and it. In Bahasa Indonesia, all these three forms can be replaced with only one word, dia.

Bahasa Indonesia also does not have articles, such as, a, an, and the, to refer to objects. There also no nouns that have specific gender like in German or French. This will surely make Bahasa Indonesia relatively easier than learning other languages.

In using the verb, Bahasa Indonesia offers consistency. No need to change or alter the verb like in English. The verbs in Bahasa Indonesia do not have to alter based on its subject or the type of tense it appears. To show the type of tense, for instance, past tense, Indonesian only have to give an explanation about it happening in the past.

The last simplicity in Bahasa Indonesia is that there are a lot of loan words from many other languages. Bahasa Indonesia has words loaned from English, Dutch, Hindi, and Arabic. Therefore, having this many simplicities, Bahasa Indonesia is quite easy to be understood by its learners.

The Difficulties in Learning Bahasa Indonesia

While having much easiness in learning Bahasa Indonesia as explained before, there are also some difficulties to learn Bahasa Indonesia. These difficulties are mainly caused by the differences of grammatical structure and the way a word is produced using affixes.

For instance, in the use of affixes to produce new word have difference effect. To produce the word pengetahuan (knowledge), it consists of the word tahu (know) + affixes pe-an. Instead of becoming petahuan, the combined words become pengetahuan. This kind of exception and special rules need to be learned through daily practice.

There are actually more difficulties to learn Bahasa Indonesia, for example, the grammatical structure and the plenty amount of accent that has different kind of words used in a conversation. But, it does not mean that Bahasa Indonesia is impossible to learn.

With determination and good source, learning Bahasa Indonesia could be the most satisfying language to be learned. So, see our other posts to learn more about Bahasa Indonesia and be a fluent.