What Is the Meaning of Bawel in Indonesia? Vocabulary and Example

Do you decide to visit Indonesia soon? You had better learn the language even though you haven’t decided to visit this multicultural country. As this country is rich by its language, Indonesia is also famous with its slang words. As same as other county, there are lots of slang words from Indonesia which describe lots […]

A-Z Adjective Words in Indonesian – Meaning

Bahasa Indonesia is a fairly simple language without complex grammatical rule. When it comes to adjectives, there is actually no specific structural order to describe something. All the adjective words all wrapped up into ‘kata sifat’ or Indonesian Adjectives Adjective Words in Indonesian When using adjective in Bahasa Indonesia, there is no classification for feminine, masculine, […]

100 Lists of Indonesian Adjectives – Grammars and Examples

Selamat Datang! Welcome back to Mastering Bahasa! Whether you are new here, we are pleased to welcome you! Hence the name of the site, Mastering Bahasa is the one and the only guide for you who wants to learn Bahasa Indonesia. In previous posts of Indonesian Verbs and Indonesian Nouns we have discussed for common Indonesian Nouns […]