What Language Do Average Indonesian People Speak? Indonesian or Javanese?

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What Is The Difference in Meaning between the Indonesian Words “Berbicara”, “Bicara and “Bertutur”?

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What Does It Mean to Indonesian “Amit-Amit”? Clear Examples

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Before the Use of The Roman Alphabet, Was There An Indigenous Script for Bahasa Indonesia?

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For Foreign People, How Hard Is It to Learn Indonesian Language (Bahasa Indonesia) until Intermediate Level?

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For A Non-Native Bahasa Speaker, Which One Is Easier to Learn: Bahasa Indonesia or Bahasa Malaysia?

For many non-native Bahasa speaker especially those who have very little experience in traveling to these regions, many will think that Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia sounds very similar. It is true that both languages come from similar roots, and some might say can find a mix of both languages in a certain region. Bahasa […]