Words to Make You Fall in Love with the Indonesian Language – Worth to Learn

Indonesia is the country which becomes the foreigners’ choice to spend their free time for holiday. Indonesia is famous as its sightseeing, tribes, and also its language. Because of the diversity of its tribes, and its languages from different tribes, Indonesia has one official language named Indonesian language.

Indonesian language is the language which comes from the acculturation and assimilation of different countries and Indonesian diverse tribes. By different background of histories from the countries which came and colonized Indonesia, made Indonesian language sounds unique and it is one of the language which is easy to learn.

After learning some words of Indonesia, what words to make you fall in love with the Indonesian language?

Here are the example of the words to make you fall in love with the Indonesian language:

  1. Ya (Yes) and Tidak (No)

As Indonesian language is easy to learn because when you hear the words, you speak as the word is written. For the first example of the words are ya and tidak.

Ya is read as Y^, and Tidak is read as TId^k. Those words are the basic words to answers and ignore some occasions.

You may also learn about:

  1. Terima kasih (Thank You!)

This is one of the famous phrases and will make people especially you fall in love with the Indonesian language. Terima kasih is the combination of two words, terima and kasih.

These words should be combined to get the meaning of Thank you! People of Indonesia are famous as friendly people and helping people so that if you have got help by them, you can directly say terima kasih (TәrIm^ k^sIh).

You may also learn about:

  1. Selamat Datang! (Welcome!)

This phrase is the combination of two words, selamat (sәl^m^t) and datang (d^t^ŋ). Selamat datang as the meaning of welcome in English is the phrase to be used when a person or people come to the new places.

Indonesia is famous to greet someone or new people who come to the country. People of Indonesia, especially who work in the hospitality field will welcome the guest by saying selamat datang when the new guests enter the front door or gate. How to say “Welcome” in Bahasa Indonesia

  1. Tolong (Help)

Tolong (Toloŋ) word can become as the word for asking help. The word is spoken by the word itself or as the combination for other words to become a sentence, such as bolehkah saya/kami meminta tolong? (Would you do me a favor?) Or bisakah tolong saya membawa koper ini? (Could you please bring this suitcase?)

Indonesian people often use this word because this word is very special word and a soft word. This word is relate to the formal word. When people use tolong for asking help, it sound formal and polite to the people who are asked for help.

  1. Maaf (Sorry/for asking apology)

This word will be spoken before a person wants to ask something, to ask for help or indeed to ask for apology. Maaf word sound polite and soft.

Therefore, the foreigner who come to Indonesia will fall in love with the Indonesian language and Indonesian people because they will think that people of Indonesia is polite people as well. 

  1. Senja (Sunset/Twilight) and Kopi (Coffee)

These famous two words are often spoken this millennial era. As the Indonesian literature becomes famous nowadays and it can be found from the social media or printed sources, these two words are often found there.

Senja (sәnj^) is often spoken and written in the Indonesian poetry and/or quote. The combination of senja and kopi are usually found in the song lyrics or poetry as well.

Senja can be related into the beauty of the sunset and kopi represents the enjoyment while people are enjoying senja (sunset) time.

Nowadays, kopi (kopI) word is also famous because almost in all area of Indonesia’s provinces have the coffee shop and all people of Indonesia from every classes can enjoy the real coffee. Kopi (coffee) can also bring in the idea on the lyrics, poetry or even someone’s work.

  1. Purnama (Fullmoon)

Purnama word becomes famous after this word is often found in the poetry and a movie named Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? The word purnama means the full moon in a Muslim Calendar but it can be represented as the complete month of waiting for someone or counting the days in a poetry or literature work.

The word purnama sounds beautiful when it combines with other Indonesian words in Indonesian languages.

Those are the example of the Indonesian words to make you fall in love with the Indonesian languages. There are lots of different words from different people to make them fall in love with Indonesian language. So, have you found yours?