Words to Make You Fall in Love with the Indonesian Language – Worth to Learn

Indonesia is the country which becomes the foreigners’ choice to spend their free time for holiday. Indonesia is famous as its sightseeing, tribes, and also its language. Because of the diversity of its tribes, and its languages from different tribes, Indonesia has one official language named Indonesian language. Indonesian language is the language which comes […]

How to Say “I Love You Too” in Indonesian – Examples

Love is a universal language. People will know if we love them through our eyes and actions. However, sometimes saying it directly using “I love you” is necessary. Sometimes you want to express it in words. In Indonesia, we also have our own word to say “I love you”. In Indonesian, I love you too […]

Do You Love Me In Indonesian – Phrases and Examples

Hello guys, how do you do? We hope all of you in a good condition now. So, before we enter to start new lesson today, let’s previous first what we did yesterday, we already know about some of the Indonesian words love, list of Indonesian words for love, Indonesian proverbs about love also the things to say to a […]

Indonesian Proverbs about Love – Quotes and Meaning

Hello. Welcome back! Indonesian Idioms and Proverbs is one of the advanced language skill. Here we will learn to be more specific. You have learned Indonesian Proverbs Donald Trump Should Learn Today in previous lesson. At this opportunity, let’s step forward to another theme, which is about Indonesian Proverbs about Love. Before we start, take a […]

89 Indonesian Words for Love – Examples and Meaning

How is your progress in learning Bahasa Indonesia? Have you learned about Indonesian words for food? Well, Indonesian vocabulary is various as the language also receives influence from local dialect. In this article, we are going to talk about Indonesian words for love. Similar to other languages, Bahasa Indonesia also has rich vocabulary to express […]