How to Say I’m Vegetarian in Indonesian Language and Conversation

Indonesia is a place where there are various types of delicious traditional food. There are traditional snacks, various types of rice, and side dishes. However, some of us might be a vegetarian. If someone asks you to eat in Indonesia, you have to say that you are a vegetarian. You can learn several English and […]

How to Say You’re Welcome in Indonesian – Phrase – Example

You have learned how to say thank you in Indonesian. You can read it again if you want to refresh your memory. After saying thank you, the other person will say you’re welcome in English. What will happen if you are getting the opposite role? You have to say you’re welcome in Indonesian. There are […]

Ibu Meaning in Indonesia – Definition and Example

Unlike several other countries, in Indonesia we have different ways of addressing people according to the person. Younger people, for example, have to call older people in a polite and proper way. One of the way to call older people is using “Ibu” (read as e-boo). Literally, the word “Ibu” has the same meaning as […]

Can I Have The Bill Please in Indonesian Language – Conversation and Examples

If you go to Indonesia, the trip will not feel perfect if you don’t try Indonesian traditional food. Lots of food at Indonesian restaurants that have unique taste are too delicious to miss. To eat at Indonesian restaurants, it would be nice if you learn to speak with the restaurant waiters using bahasa Indonesia. One […]