How to Say Take Away in Indonesia Language – Meaning

if we want to buy some food or beverages, we may eat at that place directly after they are ready. However, we can bring it to home to eat and drink the orders. If can be said in the formal and informal Indonesia language.

“Take Away = Bungkus”

Formal Language

  • Saya ingin membawa pulang makanan ini (I want to take away this food)
  • Ini lebih baik dengan membawa pulang minuman ini (It is better by taking away this beverage)
  • Terima kasih membantuku untuk membawa bumbu masak yang berat ini (Thank you for helping me in taking away those heavy foods ingredients)
  • Ini untuk dibawa pulang (It is for taking away)
  • Saya sedang menulis pesan, tolong dibungkus saja  (Iam writing my text, please taken away)

It can be added by saying “thank you” at the end of sentence. This is to make the polite conversation because in the formal language for Indonesia context, it is also inserted by conversation culture such as being polite, hones, and smiling with other person who talk with us.

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Informal language

In the informal language, it is usually used for daily life conversation with close friend and family. This happens because of strong relationship. Sometime, it is put some joke, abbreviation, or slang terms. To be exactly clear, let’s see the examples of the informal language.

  • Trims ya, dibungkus saja (thanks, just take away this)
  • Sisanya dibungkus saja (the rests is just take away)
  • Kenyang ei, tolong dibungkus (Oh God, I am full, please take away)
  • Bawa saja (just take away this)
  • Bawa untuk adik di rumah (take it away for young brother in home)

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Sometime in slang language, it is just written in abbreviation. It is usually for short conversation with close friend or family. This looks so simple. It does not need long sentences.

But, it easily recognizes its meaning. To solve the problem in slang language, there is an informal and unwritten agreement. Why?, this is because every speakers who want to use slang language, they must know its meaning and context of conversation. So, let’s check the examples.

  • Thx, ya bwa aj (thank you, just take away)
  • Tlog dibwa (please, take away)
  • Jgan khwtir, biarku  yg bawa (don’t be afraid I will take it away)
  • Sori, ku ja yg bawa (sorry, I take it away)

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Those are the example for the formal and informal language. both are used in certain conditions. Those are because Indonesia culture which must be learned. Every we say, we must to be pay attention to whom we talk, how the politeness, how the honesty, how the responsibility and other. Those are to figure out that the language and culture cannot be separated.