Christmas Greetings in Indonesian – Useful Phrases

As in other countries, Christmas is celebrated in Indonesia also. Since the beginning of December, sometimes even earlier, you can see many sign of Christmas in Indonesia, especially in shopping center. Christmas is one of the big religious festive in Indonesia.

That’s why you need to know Christmas Greetings in Indonesian when you learn about Indonesian language. This knowledge can help you to greet someone that celebrated Christmas around you.

You can use a lot of media to say your Christmas Greeting. When you meet by face to face, then you can say it directly. Usually, you can say it while shaking hands. Or, you can write it in a Christmas card. People in Indonesia also have this kind of practice. In this modern day, Christmas card can be sent by social media or any online media. Practically, there are a lot of opportunities to say Merry Christmas to people around you that celebrate Christmas.

In Indonesian language, Merry Christmas = “Selamat Hari Natal”. This complete sentences usually use for formal purpose. For informal one, you can use shorter and more simple sentence, such as:

  •  “Selamat Natal”, you can remove word “hari”.
  • “Met hari Natal”, you can make word “selamat” became a shorter word, which is “met”.
  • “Met Natal”, this is example on a very short and simple Christmas greeting. Once again, this is for informal use.

More Variation on Christmas Greetings

To make it more casual, then you need to add some additional word to the Christmas greeting. This is more variation on Christmas Greetings on Indonesian.

  • Met Hari Natal, Rina”. You can add his/her name when you say your Christmas greeting.
  • Met Natal, Pak”. As the variation, you can add his/her title. Usually Indonesian people have their own title that related to gender, age, or family relation. You can learn about it in indonesian words for family members.
  • Selamat Natal dari kami sekeluarga” (Merry Christmas from our family). This method usually used if you want to say your Christmas greeting by writing. You can use Christmas card, social media, or any online media. Basically, you want to inform your identity while you say your Christmas greeting.
  • Met Hari Natal ya”. “Ya” is only additional word. No change on the original meaning.
  • Selamat Hari Natal 2017”. You also can add the year to your Christmas greeting. Or, you can use complete date by saying, “Selamat Hari Natal 25 Desember 2017”. Usually this complete sentence also use when you say your Christmas greeting by writing. If you want to learn about months in Indonesian, you can read indonesian months and days.

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Besides greeting, usually you need to add other sentence. Usually you need to say your hope also. Since Christmas is a joyful day, then you need to wish all the best things when you say your greeting. Add all the positive sentence, so the people that receive your greeting can feel happy.

Then, I hope this article will help you. Now at Christmas time, you can feel comfortable to have a conversation witih people in Indonesia, especially who celebrate Christmas. Since, now you already know Christmas Greetings in Indonesian.