Seasons in Indonesia Language – Vocabulary and Meaning

Located in the equator, Indonesia is classified as tropical country with wet, humid, and hot climate all year round. Different from four season countries, Indonesia only has two seasons which are dry and wet seasons. During dry season, the sun shines longer during the day and the temperature drops in the night.

Meanwhile, in rainy season, the sun shines shorter and the rainfall increases with possibility of wind and monsoon pattern. The temperature is not quite different in Indonesia but the difference between those two seasons is in the rainfall level. Here are some seasons that you should know. Learn also Indonesian unique words.

Indonesian Seasons Vocabulary 

Here is seasons in Indonesia language vocabulary:

  • Musim – season
  • Musim panas – summer
  • Musim gugur – autumn, fall
  • Musim dingin – winter
  • Musim semi – spring
  • Musim hujan – rainy season
  • Musim kemarau – dry season

Due to the rainfall level each year, Indonesia is classified as one of the rainiest place on earth. However, the rainfall level can be varied from one island to another. In general, the rainy season is around September to March and dry season is around March to September. Also learn about Indonesian days and months before visiting the country.

Cuaca – Weather

In general, the climate in Indonesia is not varied that much because there are only two seasons. The temperature is not extremely changing during day and night. But when you are visiting the country, it is best to be around during dry season because the sun shines high and the rainfall level is low. Most important of all is to learn the words related to climate to help you adapt when staying in Indonesia. Also learn Indonesian words for days of the week.

Here are more words related to seasons in Indonesia language vocabulary:

  • Cuaca – weather
  • Dingin – cold
  • Sejuk – cool
  • Panas – hot
  • Beku – frozen
  • Fog – kabut
  • Berkabut – foggy
  • Hangat – warm
  • Es – ice
  • Asap – smoke
  • Awan – cloud
  • Berawan, mendung – cloudy
  • Hujan – rain
  • Hujan es – hail
  • Basah – wet
  • Kering – dry
  • Salju – snow
  • Lembab – humid
  • Angin – wind
  • Berangin – windy

Indonesian Words Related to Seasons and Climate

Besides the words for climate and season, it is also important to learn the words related to it. It is also worth to note than during rainy season, flood may occur in some areas in big cities. In addition, Indonesians use Celsius to indicate temperature instead of Fahrenheit. Learn more about Indonesian words of wisdom.

  • Matahari – sun
  • Bulan – moon
  • Lumpur – mud
  • Topan, angin topan – typhoon
  • Langit – sky
  • Bintang – star
  • Badai – storm
  • Suhu – temperature
  • Air – water
  • Curah hujan – rainfall
  • Angin puyuh, puting beliung – cyclone
  • Kebakaran – fire
  • Tsunami – tsunami
  • Gempa – earthquake
  • Kekeringan – draught
  • Pelangi – rainbow
  • Banjir – flood

Indonesian Phrases Related to Weather

  • Mau hujan – it’s going to rain
  • Hujan sudah reda – it is no longer rain

Learning Indonesian words related to climate and season is crucial especially if you are going to visit the country. Do not forget to check out other posts to improve your comprehension in Bahasa Indonesia. Learn more about Indonesian words for tourists.