A-Z Cool Indonesian Words to Say and Express – Know The Meaning

People of Indonesian are united by their diversity and their different languages from different region or provinces. Indonesian language is the official language for all people of Indonesia. Indonesian language comes from different types of words and one of the type is the cool Indonesian words.

These cool words can be taken from its beauty of the words or its beauty of pronounce them. Therefore, what kind of cool Indonesian words? What are they spoken for? What kind of examples?


Here are the examples of cool Indonesian words:

Indonesian Meaning in English Types of the Word
Keren! Cool! Amazed Expression
Kece! Cool/Gorgeous Amazed Expression
Gokil! Very cool Amazed Expression
Mantul! (Mantap Betul) Amazing/Great Amazed Expression
Mudik Going home (Going back to hometown after working in a city) Vocabulary
Nongkrong (Nongski) Hanging Out Slang word (Verb)
Curhat (Curahan Hati) Sharing (a story/stories) Slang word (Verb)
Gaje (Ga Jelas/Tidak Jelas) Unclear/Weird Slang word (Adjective)
Asyik (Saik) Fun/Cool Adjective
Fajar Dawn Time (Formal word)
Senja Twilight/Dusk Time (Formal word)
Jingga Orange (The colour when it’s twilight time) Adjective (Formal word)
Faedah Benefit/avail Adjective (Formal word)
Sotoy (Sok Tahu) Knowledgeably Adjective (Slang word)
Kocak! (Lucu) So Funny! (Sometimes it becomes the expression of disconnected statement or reply to someone’s statement) Expression
Jomblo Single (Not yet having someone to be in a relationship) Status word (slang word)
Lata (Laper mata) Expression of wanting something to buy so badly Adjective (slang word)
Latah Talkative (habit of saying words unexpectedly after being shocked by somebody) Adjective (semi-formal word)
Gemes Strong feeling after seeing something cute or the feeling of being angry yet cannot be angry to someone Adjective (slang word)
Pedekate (Pendekatan=PDKT) Dating (The intention of somebody to approach someone for being in a relationship/serious relation) Status (slang word)
Masuk Angin Catching a cold (having unhealthy body, it is often like flu or fever) Adjective (phrase)
Jaim (Jaga Image) Pretending (the situation of someone who doesn’t want to show her/his real attitude because they are facing someone they like or someone they are respected for) Adjective (slang word)
Pede = PD (Percaya Diri) Confident Adjective (slang word)
Galau Hubbub (Yearning on someone or some people) Adjective (slang word)
Kepo (Knowing Every Particular Object) Curious (the feeling of deep curiosity on someone’s business/situation) Adjective (slang word)
Sambal Condiment/Chili Sauce = special recipe from Indonesia Noun
Tinggal Lima Watt Very sleepy (feeling) Adjective phrase
Mager (Malas Gerak) Lazy (Having no intention of doing anything) Adjective (slang word)

Example in Sentence:

PD (Pede) = Wah, jangan sok Pede ya! (Well, don’t be so confident, please!)

Senja = Senja yang sangat indah, yang seharusnya tidak terlewatkan. (This is the most beautiful sunset which should not be missed).

Kece = Kece banget gambar lo! (Your drawing is very cool!)

Jingga = Namanya Jingga, seindah ketika ia muncul saat senja. (Her name is Jingga, she is as beautiful as Jingga appears at sunset).

Galau = Dia galau karena sang pujaan tak kunjung memperlihatkan rasanya. (She is hubbub because her crush hasn’t shown his feeling).

Gaje = Jangan gaje deh lo! (Please, don’t be weird!)

Those are the example of cool Indonesian words. Which of the words you often speak to other people? Do you have any other example of those cool Indonesian words?