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How to Order Coffee in Indonesian – Examples

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Today we are talking about a drink that many people love to have: coffee. However we don’t discuss about its long historical story, or how to grow them, but we talk about how Indonesian order coffee.  

Nowadays, many people have coffee as a lifestyle. With its innovative flavors and serving ways, coffee becomes a favorite drink.

Coffee in Indonesia is spreading in all over places in Indonesia, and can be enjoyed by all levels of society. From a cup of coffee that people have at home until many variety of coffee that is extravagantly expensive, served in a café.

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Here are some conversation examples of ordering coffee in Indonesia.

  • Warung

How to order coffee in Indonesian? It is usually called as Warkop: Warung Kopi- a small shop that sells mostly coffee and some snacks. Mostly the seller and customers can talk in a friendly and have more homelike atmosphere because they usually come from surrounding area or neighborhood.

Customer: “Saya mau pesan kopi, apa saja jenis kopi di sini? (I would like to order coffee, how many types of coffee here?”

Waiter:”Halo, di sini ada kopi hitam dan kopi susu. (hello, here we have black coffee and milk coffee.)”

Customer: “Ok, saya pesan  kopi hitam 1 dan kopi susu 1 (okay, I order 1 black coffee and 1 milk coffee, please.)”

Waiter: “Mau panas atau dingin? (Do you want them hot or cold?)”

Customer: “Yang kopi hitam panas, yang kopi susu dingin. Saya duduk di pojok.(The black coffee is hot and the milk coffee is cold. I sit on the corner.)”

Waiter: “Ok (Okay)”

Customer: “Boleh tambah gula? (Can I have more sugar, please?)

Waiter: “Boleh (Yes, you can)”

After one hour of enjoying coffee

Customer: “Saya mau bayar kopinya. ( I would like to pay for the coffees.)

Waiter: “Totalnya Rp 12.000 (The total is Rp 12.000)”

So, that’s how to order coffee in Indonesian!

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  • Café

As Indonesia’s coffee consumption is rising, which average is 7% per year, more coffee shops can be easily found, both in big or small cities in the country. Those cafes are in malls, campuses, district centers, and many other places.

From International chain company like Starbucks to local coffee shops, people enjoy their coffee while doing other activities such as meeting, gathering, working, reading, doing homework, or even having private tutorial lesson. To make customers enjoy their time, the cafes provide some facilities for customers such as internet connection, nice sofa, books, and others.
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In some cafés, before you find a place to sit, you have to order the drink (and snacks) to the cashier and you pay the total amount that you have ordered.

Customer: “Halo, saya pesan 1 Americano. (Hello, I would like to order 1 Americano, please.)

Waiter: “Halo, mau panas atau dingin? (Hello, do you your coffee hot or cold?)”

Customer: “Saya mau yang panas. ( I would like it’s hot.)”

Waiter: “Ukuran gelasnya apa? (What glass size?)”

Customer: “Grande”

Waiter: “Siapa namanya? (untuk ditulis di permukaan gelas) (What’s your name? (to be written on the glass’ surface))”

Customer: “Mira”

Waiter: “Berikut totalnya. (Here is the total amount.)”

Besides the above example, there is also a café that let the customers to sit first, and then they will help the customers to order.

Waiter: “Selamat siang, ingin pesan apa? (sambil memberikan menu) (Good afternoon, what do you want to order? (while handling the menu))”

Customer: “Selamat siang, saya pesan 1 Caramel Latte dan 1 porsi kentang goreng. (Good afternoon, I order 1 Caramel Latte and 1 portion of French fries.)”

Waiter: “Okay, 1 Caramel Latte dan 1 porsi kentang goreng, mohon ditunggu sebentar. (Okay, 1 Caramel Latte and 1 portion of French fries. Please wait for a moment.)

Customer: “Terima kasih (Thank you)”

Waiter: “Sama – sama (You’re welcome)”

After you finish with your coffee and snack, you can pay for the food and drink.

Customer:  “Saya mau bayar Caramel Latte dan kentang gorengnya ( I would like to pay for the Caramel Latte and French fries)”

Waiter: “Baik, ditunggu….. Total semuanya Rp 59.000. (Okay, please wait a moment …… the total for all is Rp 59.000.) “

Those are some examples of how to order coffee in Indonesian that are done in warung or coffee shops.

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