How to Pronounce “J” in Indonesian – Learn Alphabets in Bahasa Indonesia

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Today I’ll give you about “how to pronounce ‘J’ in Indonesian”. Indonesian is a linguistically diverse region where the Indonesian language acts as a lingua franca, even though there are more native speakers of Javanese.

During the time Indonesia was a Dutch colony, the Latin alphabet was introduced to write Indonesian and a number of Dutch spellings were used. This alphabet wa called “ejaan lama” (old script) in Indonesian.

In the 1930s, as part of the independence movement, the Indonesian language was standardized and term Bahasa Indonesia was adopted as the name of the language.

In 1947 the spelling of oe was changed to u. Then in 1947 a set of official changes to the Indonesian spelling system were introduced by former president Soeharto. The major changes included changing ch to kh, dj to j, j to y, nj to ny, sj to sy, and tj to c. Learn: Ways to Improve Your Indonesian Speaking Skills Like a Pro

Indonesian alphabet :

A a    B b    C c    D d    E e    F f    G g    H h    I i

J j    K k    L l    M m    N n    O o    P p    Q q    R r

T t    U u    V v    W w    X x    Y y    Z z

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So, how to pronounce “J” in Indonesian?

Pronounce J = je, example = jeruk

An how to pronounce other Indonesian alphabet?

  • A = a like ayam (chicken)
  • B = be like bebek (duck)
  • C = ce like cinta (love)
  • D = de like donat (doughnuts)
  • E = e like ekor (tail)
  • F = f like film (movie)
  • G = ge like garam (salt)
  • H = ha like hallo (hello)
  • I = i like ikan (fish)
  • K = ka like kaki (feet)
  • L = l like luka (sores)
  • M = em like makan (eat)
  • N = en like Nana
  • O = o like oli (oil)
  • P = pe like pepaya (papaya)
  • Q = qi like Qur’an
  • R = er like roti (bread)
  • S = es like susu (milk)
  • T = te like teh (tea)
  • U = u like ukuran (size)
  • V = ve like valley
  • W = we like window
  • X = eks
  • Y = ye like yellow
  • Z = zet like zebra (zebra)

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