A-Z Indonesian Easy Phrases for Beginner to Learn – Complete Examples

Need a fast track in Indonesian learning? Yes you could master these Indonesian easy phrases with only 5 minutes. There are several themes that would help you. Let’s learn from how to spend money, asking questions and some general phrases. You would learn it effortlessly fast. Let’s take a look on the list below.

Learn how to buy things phrases in Bahasa Indonesia

Know some survival phrases in Bahasa Indonesia, especially related to ‘transaction’ would give you many advantages. One of it you raise your chance to get (a lot) more cheaper price because people feel connected to you if you use Bahasa Indonesia/local language. Here are some good phrases for you.

  • harga (price)
  • mahal (expensive)
  • kemahalan (too expensive)
  • murah (cheap)
  • terjangkau (affordable)
  • potongan harga/sale (discount)
  • kualitas (quality)
  • uang (money)
  • membeli (buy)
  • menjual (sell)
  • membayar (pay)
  • Berapa harga barang itu? (How much is this thing cost?)
  • Berapa harganya? (How much is it?)
  • Ah, terlalu mahal (Ah, too expensive)
  • Ada barang yang cukup murah? (Is there any kinds of good that has affordable/cheap price?)
  • Saya butuh barang murah yang berkualitas (I need a cheap, but affordable things)
  • Ada yang lebih murah?  (Is there anything that cheaper?)
  • Bisakah saya bayar pakai debit/kredit? (Could I pay with debit/credit card?)
  • Ada diskon? (Is there any discount?)
  • Ada yang sale ga? (Is there any sale price?)
  • Di mana saya bisa membeli nasi? (formal) (Where can I buy some rice?)
  • Beli nasi di mana ya? (informal) (Where can I buy some rice?)
  • Yang di bawah 20.000? (Is there anything cost less than twenty-thousand rupiah?)
  • Di manakah pasar terdekat? (Where is the nearest market?)
  • Di mana saya dapat membeli buku dengan harga murah? (Where can I find the cheapest book here?)

If you want to use these Indonesian easy phrases for beginner to learn in advance, you also should master the Indonesian numbers. Learn how to say 0 until infinite numbers to help your in expertise Bahasa Indonesia. 

Asking position or direction in Indonesian

Another Indonesian easy phrases for beginner to learn that is as easy as a pie, but really important is how to ask a direction. Here are some very useful words to get you anywhere in Indonesia.

  • Di manakah letak bank? (Where is the bank?)
  • Di manakah Jalan Merdeka? (Where is the Merdeka street?)
  • Berapa jauh (bank itu)? (How far (is the bank)?)
  • Berapa jauh perjalanan yang harus saya tempuh? (formal) (How far is it?)
  • Seberapa jauh sih? (informal) (How far is it?)
  • kiri (left)
  • kanan (right)
  • tengah (center/middle)
  • sebelah/samping (next to)
  • seberang (opposite)
  • depan (in front of)
  • belakang (back/behind)
  • atas = above/on
  • bawah = under
  • dalam = in(side)
  • luar = out(side)
  • Belok kiri (turn left)
  • Belok kanan (turn right)
  • Di sebelah kiri (on the left)
  • Di sebelah kanan (on the right)
  • Putar balik (turn around)
  • Di mana saya bisa parkir? (Where can I park [my vehicle)?
  • Perempatan (intersection – four ways)
  • Pertigaan (intersection – three ways)
  • Di manakah stasiun/halte terdekat? (Where is the nearest station/bus station?)
  • Bagaimana cara saya menuju stasiun Mangga Besar? (How can I reach Mangga Besae station?)
  • Di mana saya bisa membuat kartu multitrip? (Where can I register/buy the multi-trip card?)
    *It is very useful for using city transportation
  • Berapa harga tiket commuter line/KRL? (How much the commuter line-train ticket cost?)
  • stasiun (kereta) (train station)
  • halte (bus station)
  • bandara (airport)
  • pelabuhan (port/harbor) 

Indonesian General phrases

After know about phrases that help you when you want to buy new things and when you get lost, let’s learn some essential phrases especially for beginner. These are some Indonesian easy phrases for beginner to learn to help you in less than 5 minutes.

  • Maukah Anda membantu saya? (Would you like to help me?)
  • Saya butuh bantuan (I need help)
  • Tolong (Please/help)
  • Dapatkah saya membantu Anda? (Can I help you?)
  • Nama saya adalah Andi (My name is Andi)
  • Permisi, bolehkah saya bertanya? (Excuse me, may I ask something?)
  • Saya tidak mengerti (I don’t understand)
  • Saya tidak bisa berbahasa Indonesia (I can’t speak Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Saya bisa bicara Bahasa Indonesia sediki-sedikit (I can’t speak Bahasa Indonesia a little bit)
  • Saya mau jalan-jalan (I need to take a walk)
  • Saya tidak makan daging/Saya adalah seorang vegetarian (I don’t eat meat/I’m a vegetarian)
  • Saya lapar (I’m hungry)
  • Saya lelah (I’m tired)
  • Saya buru-buru (I’m in rush)
  • Maaf saya terlambat (Sorry, I’m late)
  • Maaf mengganggu Anda (Sorry to bother you)
  • Tolong diam/Tolong jangan berisik (Silence/Please be quiet)
  • Di manakah letak toilet? (Where is the toilet?)
  • Saya mau ke toilet (I need to go to the toilet)
  • Saya butuh waktu sebentar (I need a moment)
  • Jam berapa sekarang? (What time is it?)
  • Bolehkah saya meminjam bolpoin? (Could you lend me a pen?)
  • Terima kasih (Thank you)

Okay those are the tremendously Indonesian Easy Phrases that would help you survive. Try to practice it and it could also improve your Indonesian speaking skills. Not too hard right?