Bahasa Indonesia Abbreviation – Structure and Example

Welcome back to another lesson about Bahasa Indonesia?

At this opportunity, let’s learn more about Bahasa Indonesia Abbreviation. You know, you have learned some in Indonesian Language Abbreviations as well as in Indonesian Chat Abbreviations I believe you want to see more! Do you know that Bahasa Indonesia usually abbreviated to B. Indo [be Indo] or Bhs. Indo(nesia)? But, before we start, let’s refresh your mind with these following articles.

The Rules

Most of Bahasa Indonesia Abbreviation are identified as slang word. On the other word, it is informal, despite some formal abbreviation (e.g. a.n. = atas nama [on behalf of] or s.d. = sampai dengan [until]). In social media or short message as well as advertisement, because of limited space (and price), some words are abbreviated. How to shortened the words? Mostly, people would delete the vowel and left the consonant (because the consonant are more unique than vowels). Here are the examples.

  • jumlah -> jmlh (amount)
  • yang -> yg (which)
  • berapa -> brp (how much/many)
  • tempat -> tmpt/t4 (place)
    *Notes= 4 is empat (four), so t4= t + empat
  • tapi -> tp (but)
  • rumah -> rmh (house/home)
  • di mana -> dmn (where)

However, in some cases the vowel (which considered important) is also left, or to avoid ambiguity

  • siapa -> spa (who)
  • bgmna -> bagaimana (how)
  • no -> nomor (number)
  • ad -> ada (exist/there)

In addition, abbreviation also create ambiguity because an abbreviated form could represented more than one word. Therefore, knowing the context is quite essential.

  • kmbng = kumbang (beetle), kambing (goat), kembang (flower)
    For example =
    – Kmbng sngt indah -> Kembang sangat indah (The flower is very beautiful)
    – Kmbng mkn rmpt -> Kambing makan rumput (Goat eats grass)
    – Kmbng ad di pohon -> Kumbang ada di pohon (The beetle is on the tree)
  • tmn = teman (friend), taman (park)
    For example
    – tmn baik -> teman baik (best friend)
    – Ibu sdng prgi ke tmn -> Ibu sedang pergi ke taman (Mom is going to the park) 

Singkatan vs Akronim

In daily activity you would find tons of abbreviation. Some of it is called ‘singkatan’, while others called ‘akronim’. The main different of both abbreviation is the ‘akronim’ is formed by group of letter that create a new words (pronounced similar to usual word), while ‘singkatan’ is pronounced letter by letter. Here are a brief examples.

  • PON [pon]  = Pekan Olahraga Nasional (National Sport Week) – akronim
  • PTN [pe te en] = Perguruan Tinggi Negeri (Public Universities)

Here are the list of ‘singkatan’ and ‘akronim’. These are list of most common abbreviations that might useful.

  • WIB = Waktu Indonesia Barat (Western Indonesian Time)
  • WITA = Waktu Indonesia Tengah (Center Indonesian Time)
  • WIT = Waktu Indonesia Timur (Eastern Indonesian Time)
    *Check also :How to Say Time in Bahasa Indonesia, it’s nice to know that Indonesian is divided to three different time region
  • pemilu = Pemilihan Umum (General election)
  • bandara = bandar udara (airport)
  • KRL = commuter line/kereta rel listrik
  • tj = transjakarta (Jakarta city bus) *but it’s mistakenly mentioned as ‘busway’
  • angkot = angkutan kota (city/public transportation
  • ruko = rumah toko (house-shop, a multi-functioned building: as a living place and shop)
  • rusun = rumah susun (stacking houses like apartment but more affordable)
  • Kedubes = Kedutaan Besar (Embassy)
  • cerpen = cerita pendek (short story)
  • Jagung = jaksa agung (attorney general)
  • ponsel/HP = telepon seluler/handphone (handphone)
  • KPK = Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (Corruption Eradication Comission)
  • Menkeu = Menteri Keuangan (Minister of Finance)
  • balita = bawah lima tahun (child under 5 years old)
  • humas = hubungan masyarakat (PR- public relation)
  • Rp = Rupiah (IDR- Indonesian Currency)
  • KTP = Kartu Penduduk Indonesia (Indonesian Citizenship Card)
  • RI = Republik Indonesian (Indonesian Republic)
  • NKRI = Negara Kesatuan Republic Indonesia (Indonesian Republic) 

Furthermore, Bahasa Indonesia Abbreviation is really a group of cool slang words. Here are several examples of it.

  • otw = (on the way) *pronounced as [otewe]
  • baper = bawa perasaan (too sensitive)
  • kepo = Knowing Every Particular Object
  • kzl = kesal (annoyed) *the ‘s’ change to ‘z’ to accentuate the annoyance
  • PHP = Pemberi Harapan Palsu (person who brokes his/her promise), similar to ‘Lidah Tak Bertulang’
    See: Indonesian Proverbs Donald Trump Should Learn Today
  • hqq = hakiki (genuine)
  • mbb/sbb = maaf baru balas/sorry baru balas (sorry for late reply)
  • Gabut = gaji buta (nothing to do, you are paid more than you gave)
  • Sans = santai (relax)
  • Mager = males gerak (unmotivated)
  • Sotoy = sok tau (thinking he/she know a certain topic, but they’re not)
  • Halu = halusinasi (hallucination, or feel he/she experience something that did not happened, or lying)
    For example:
    – A: Kamu kok gak kerjain PR? (Why you did not finish your homework?)
    – B: Aku kira udah (I remember I did it)
    – A: Halu kamu! (You are hallucinating!)
  • Min = Admin

That’s all about Bahasa Indonesia Abbreviation. Here are some of important articles that would help you learn about Bahasa Indonesia. Good luck!