How to Say “Cheap” in Indonesian and Clear Examples in Conversation

Indonesian is popular by its diversity of its variant tribes and 34 provinces. The different tribes and provinces have their own languages. In order to unite all the languages, Indonesia has its own official languages named Bahasa or it is called Indonesian language.

Indonesian language has many types of words, phrases, and proverbs. Those types of words, phrases or proverbs may be able come from the combination of a word with other words or phrases. A word can be said as the basic word before they combine into phrases or proverbs.

One of the basic word which sometimes become phrases or proverbs is cheap word. Therefore, how to say cheap in Indonesian? And what is the meaning of it?


The meaning of Cheap word

Cheap (in English, from by Oxford Dictionary)

  • Cheap: Low in price, charging low prices, inexpensive because the inferior quality

Cheap (in Indonesia, from KBBI: Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (The Official Indonesian Language Dictionary)

Cheap = Murah (mu:r^h) > Basic word

The Combination of the Cheap word (with affixes, in phrases, or in proverbs)

  1. Murah Hati = A good helper, A generous person
  2. Murah Rezeki = Getting sustenance easily
  3. Murah Senyum = A person who is easily smile because they are good person
  4. Murah Mulut = The amicable
  5. Murah Tangan = A giving person
  6. Memurahkan = The action of lowing the price
  7. Murahan = Under good quality, A person who is easily persuaded
  8. Mempermurah = Lowing the self-quality, lowing the price of (a thing/something)
  9. Pemurah = A kind person
  10. Kemurahan = It is too cheap, A generous person
  11. Murah di mulut, mahal di timbangan = There are many promises, yet the promises are not kept or applied
  12. Gigi tanggal rawan murah = useless action
  13. Mahal tak dapat dibeli, murah tak dapat diminta = Something which is hard to obtain

Example of Usage

Indonesian English
Harga buah Mangga sedang murah The Mango price is recently cheap
Sepatu nya berharga murah, namun kualitasnya kurang The shoes price is cheap, however the quality is not really good
A: Berapa harga buah Melon ini?

B: Rp 20.000,-

A: Wah, murah ya! Saya beli satu

A: How much does this Melon cost?

B: Rp 20.000.-

A: Wow, that’s cheap! I’d like to buy one please

Ayahnya adalah orang yang murah hati His father is a generous person
Semoga hidupmu dalam kondisi murah rezeki. Aamiin May your live are able to get the substance easily!
Siska adalah orang yang murah senyum dan dia baik. Banyak orang menyukainya Siska is a person who loves to smile and she is a nice person. Many people like her
Penjual daging ayam memurahkan harga Ayam karena terlalu banyak stok The chicken seller is lowing the price of chicken because it has lots of stock
Sepatunya murahan, karena memang kualitasnya buruk The shoes is in the low price because of the bad quality
Mengikuti audisi itu sudah gigi tanggal rawan murah Joining the audition is the useless action
Lelaki seperti itu hanya murah di mulut, maha di timbangan. Tinggalkan saja! That man is a man who is full of promises yet he hardly apply and keep them

That is the meaning of cheap word. Those are also the examples of the combination of cheap word with other words or phrases. The word can be combined into other phrases or proverbs.

Indonesian people often use cheap word in the selling and buying process. Now, you have known how to say cheap in Indonesian. Any combination of words you find with the cheap word?