What Is The Best City in Indonesia for Learning Bahasa Indonesia?

Acquiring new languages such as English, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin or Bahasa, it would definitely advantageous for you who likes to travel or to work in an Embassy. Studying new languages would be incredibly perfect to learn it form its own origin country where the languages come from, for instance if you wanted to learn English, it is really good to learn it in England so does Bahasa.

The best place for learning the national language of Indonesia which is Bahasa Indonesia, is in Indonesia. There are several places in Indonesia that you can visit especially for studying Bahasa Indonesia for example, Jakarta, Kalimantan, Bali, Makassar and the other cities in there. Jakarta is best city in Indonesia for learning Bahasa Indonesia but why Jakarta?

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Here is some reasons why Jakarta is the ideal city to learn Bahasa Indonesia:

  • Provided Libraries

Generally, the density of Jakarta reach approximately 15.663 population where the area of Jakarta 662,3 square kilometers with 10,37 million of people and along with the population, Jakarta would be the best city to learn Bahasa Indonesia due to most of the people in Jakarta could speak English and Bahasa Indonesia as well.

In 2019, the entry of libraries in the national priority provides a library of Indonesia (National Library) to improve and develop library services throughout Indonesia based on social inclusion for walfare of society, furthermore Indonesia is the second country in the world that has library below India which has 323, 605 and above Russia 113, 440, So those libraries would help you to learn words in Bahasa Indonesia.

  • Universities with Language Centres

Not only Jakarta provided libraries but also Universities and Language Centre. There are so many Universities in Jakarta, for example University of Gajah Mada has Language Centre in the Faculty of Humanity and University of Indonesia which has International Language Center in the Faculty of Humanity as well that serve Language Center afterward thus you could get some help in Universities in Jakarta for learning Bahasa Indonesia or to get any information to learning new languages specifically Bahasa Indonesia.

  • Language Courses

Each people have different characters and intelligence, some people are kinetics learners, and other people are visual learners, so they have separate way of understanding new languages. Courses in Jakarta have given some effective way to learn new languages especially Bahasa Indonesia as we know that Jakarta has so many courses started from Computer courses, English, and Bahasa Indonesia as well.

There are ten favorite courses in Jakarta which could help you to gain more vocabularies in Bahasa Indonesia. Starting from Selemba Group which has a complete facility and synchronizing the program choice and package too.

One of the characteristics of Indonesian people is kindness, people in Indonesia really respect towards the foreigners they will treat you kindly and gently, so you can interact with people in car free day that always held on Sunday to improve your skill in Speaking and Listening in Bahasa, and you can learn the rest at the Courses or any Universities that provided language service.


Despite with all of the facilities in Jakarta, we also have to deal with the traffic situation in account of Jakarta is the highest traffic problem in Indonesia however if you are fine with spending so much time stuck in traffic, Jakarta would be the perfect city to learn Bahasa Indonesia.