How to Say Food in Indonesian – Vocabulary Example

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There are so many different ways to pronounce a word in each country. Included in the pronunciation of the word “food” or in the Indonesian language “makanan”, how to pronounce it like this: ma-ka-nan. There is no difference in its use in formal or informal languages.

Food – Makanan

Eat – Makan

There are the example in the sentence :

  • Kamu bisa mengambil makanannya.
  • (You can take the food.)
  • Apakah makanan favoritmu?
  • (What is your favorite food?)
  • Kenapa kamu tidak makan makanan Indonesia?
  • (Why don’t you eat Indonesian food?)
  • Makanannya sangat unik.
  • (The food is very unique.)

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There are other synonym words in Indonesian which mean “food”, the word is “hidangan” or in English “dish”, how to pronounce it like this: hi-da-ngan. The word “dish” is usually only used in formal languages. Examples like below :

  • Hidangan siap disantap.
  • (Dish ready to eat.)
  • Hidangan tersebut masih panas.
  • (The dish is still hot.)
  • Para pelayan sedang menyiapkan hidangan penutup.
  • (The waiters are preparing dessert.)

The following are examples of words that mean the same in Indonesian:

  • Makanan penutup / hidangan penutup.
  • (Desserts)
  • Makanan pembuka / hidangan pembuka.
  • (Appetizers)

In Indonesia it is rare to use western traditions such as providing appetizers and desserts. Indonesians will usually eat middle food immediately.

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Those were some phrase how to say food in Indonesian. Hopefully, this article easy to understand and provide useful knowledge of learning Indonesian. See you!