How to Say Crazy in Indonesian – Phrases – Examples

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As discussed in the previous article, which discusses substitute words in expressing something. This time we will discuss about how to say crazy in Indonesian. In Indonesian, the word “crazy” can mean “gila” in this pronunciation: gi-la. And there is also the same word with “crazy” which is “grazy” or in Indonesian “gokil” in its pronunciation like this: go-kil. Those two words are not formal words.

Just like in western countries, the word “crazy” in Indonesian can also mean “extraordinary” in evaluating an action or an object. In contrast to the word “crazy” which is used in judging on living things, for example like:

  • Di situlah tempat orang-orang gila. (That’s where crazy people go.)
  • Karena rabies, anjing jadi gila. (Because of rabies, dogs go crazy.)

There are the example of how to say crazy in Indonesian in judging something :

  • Ini sungguh gila! (This is crazy.)
  • Ide yang dimilikinya sungguh sulit dipercaya dan gila. (The idea he had was unbelievable and crazy.)
  • Tindakan itu sungguh gila! (That action’s really crazy!)

Just like in English, where the word “crazy” is the same as the word “amazing”, “extraordinary”, “unbelievable “etc. In Indonesian it’s also like that, for example like” luar biasa”,” tak dapat dipercaya”, etc.

However, in formal language the word “crazy” is not used at all. because the word “crazy” includes an informal word that is usually said when the situation is not formal like when talking to friends. In Indonesian, in formal language it is usual to use the word “luar biasa” or in English it is “amazing / extraordinary”, it can also say “cemerlang” or in English “brilliant”.

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There are the example of how to say crazy in Indonesian in formal sentence :

  • Ide-ide ini sangat brilian. (These ideas are brilliant.)
  • Apa yang dia lakukan sungguh sangat luar biasa. (What he did was truly extraordinary.)

The word “crazy” can also be pronounced in formal sentences. But with a voice that tends to be low and calm. Usually people say the word “crazy” with a voice that is slightly loud in expressing appreciation.

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However, it is better to say with the word “luar biasa” or in English “amazing” because it sounds more polite. In Indonesia it also uses the words” gokil” or “grazy” more often than the words “gila” or “crazy”.

The word “crazy” sounds very rough, because the word “grazy” as the synonym word that is still pleasant to hear because “grazy” is also a slang word. In writing articles or videos on you tube in Indonesia, the use of the word “grazy” is often to use because it’s more comfortable to read / hear, and can be closer to the readers / viewers. Besides that because most people are more interested in slang.

Those were some phrase how to say “crazy” in Indonesian. Hopefully, this article easy to understand and provide useful knowledge of learning Indonesian. See you!