How to Say Friend in Indonesian – Vocabulary – Examples

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How to Say Friend in Indonesian

This time we will discuss about how to say friend in Indonesian. In Indonesian, the word “friend” can mean “teman” or “sahabat”, how to pronounce it like this: te-man, sa-ha-bat. In informal language or slang has mean “kawan”, “sobat” or usually use the word “bro”.

Friend in Bahasa Indonesia:

teman, sahabat, kawan, sobat

And of course there are differences between words used in formal and informal languages. The word “friend” is usually used in formal languages ​​but can also be used in informal languages. You can see the example below for words in formal languages :

  • Dia adalah teman saya. (He is my friend.)
  • Teman, bukan seperti itu caranya. (Friend, it’s not like that.)
  • Sama seperti teman saya, saya juga seperti itu. (Just like my friend, I also like that.)

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For informal ones like the example below :

  • Bro, bisakah saya meminjamnya ? (Bro, can I borrow it?)
  • Dia sobat karibku. (She’s my best friend.)
  • gimana kabarnya, bro ? (How are you doing, bro?)
  • Ayolah kawan, jangan seperti itu. (Come on guys, don’t be like that.)

Sometimes also indonesian people use the word “guys” in greeting, for example when making you tube videos or during seminars. However, the word “guys” in Indonesian means “everyone” or in Indonesian means “semuanya”. For example below:

  • Halo semuanya, apa kabar? (Hi guys, how are you?)

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For slang, most young people use it. And there are no rules for using it.

It’s different from the pronunciation of the word “friend” in people who have “squad” or a group of people who are very familiar. In Indonesian, “squad” means “gang” or Indonesian means “geng”. Examples of sentences can be seen below :

  • Hai geng, kemana kita hari ini? (Hi gang, where are we today?)

Those were some phrase how to say friend in Indonesian. Hopefully, this article easy to understand and provide useful knowledge of learning Indonesian. See you!