How to Say Ice Cream in Indonesian – Vocabulary – Examples

Hi there! Nice to see you again! who isn’t familiar with ice cream?

Of course almost everyone knows about this one food. Because almost all countries in the world produce these cold foods. Have a variety of flavors and forms of course all countries also have it, but in mentioning the word “ice cream” is different in each countries, including in Indonesian.

How to Say Ice Cream in Indonesian

In Indonesian, the word “ice cream” is called “es krim”. But, sometimes for Indonesians who are used to speaking English, they say “ice cream” with a western accent. There is no difference in the use of formal or informal languages.

Here are the example of how to say ice cream in Indonesian :

  • Saya ingin makan es krim. (I want to eat ice cream.)
  • Dekat rumah saya adalah toko es krim. (Near my house is an ice cream shop.)
  • Mereka makan es krim rasa cokelat. (They eat chocolate flavored ice cream.)
  • Es krimnya meleleh. (The ice cream melts.)
  • Saya suka makan es krim. (I like to eat ice cream.)

There are some differences in mentioning the word “e” in some parts of Indonesia. Usually in the interior, people will say “e” with a little pressed throat and mouth down slightly. In pronunciation just like this: e-s kri-m.

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There is no change the word in speaking formal or informal languages. In Indonesian there is also no other synonym for the word “ice cream”. On the Indonesian restaurant menu also write “es krim” in Indonesian. Here’s an example of ordering ice cream at an Indonesian restaurant :

  • Saya memesan es krim dengan kerucut. (I ordered ice cream with a cone.)
  • Pesan es krim dengan rasa green tea dan coklat. (order ice cream with green tea and chocolate flavor.)
  • Saya ingin 2 es krim dengan cone dan mangkuk. (I want 2 ice creams with cones and bowls.)
  • Apakah disini ada es krim raksasa? (Is there a giant ice cream here?)

Those were some phrase how to say ice cream in Indonesian. Hopefully, this article easy to understand and provide useful knowledge of learning Indonesian. See you!

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