How to Say Home in Balinese and Examples

Having 34 provinces with their different tribes’ languages, Indonesia is famous by its diversity. Each tribes’ languages is united by one official language named Indonesian language.

By having different provinces and their different languages, for the new visitors it is important to learn a little bit about them first. As same as if the new visitors would like to visit one of the famous province, Bali.

Bali has its own tribe language named Balinese or Bali language. As same as other languages, Balinese has lots of different structures, rules, sentences, and words. Some of the words of Balinese has multiple meaning to be used or spoken.

It is like English language, for example the word ‘can’ which has two famous meaning. Can word can be used for telling the ability and to tell the things which is used for soda beverages. In Bali, home can have different meanings and different usages. Therefore, how to say home in Balinese?


The meaning of home in Balinese

  • Home in Indonesia = Rumah, Keluarga
  • Home in Balinese

The word home in Balinese can stand alone or it can be said as a phrase.

Home Rumah Maumah
Home Rumah Umah (Um^h)
At Home Berada di Rumah Jumah (Jum^h)
Going Home Pulang/Kembali Budal
Going Home Pulang/Kembali ke Keluarga Kumah

Example of Usage

  1. Tiang medem teken Gus ring Jumah (I am sleeping with my younger brother at home)
  2. Akeh cenik-cenik Dina niki ring Jumah (There are lots of family today at home)
  3. Beli Made medue maumah ring Denpasar (Brother Made has home (to live) at Denpasar)
  4. Abungkul maumah antuk kadang marumpiuk (A home is for family to gather)
  5. Aji ampun budal kampung (Daddy has gone home)
  6. Beli Wayan sampun budal ibi (Brother Wayan went home yesterday)
  7. A: Kija niki meme? (Where is Mom?)

B: Ampun Budal (She has gone home)

A: Oh, tasnya kecag (Ah, The bag is left)  

  1. Tiang kumah benjangne ke Jakarta (I will go home to Jakarta tomorrow)
  2. A: Embok Ayu sampun kumah tuni tengai (Sister Ayu has gone home this afternoon)

B: Asih pesan, tiang ing sempat temu (Unfortunately, I haven’t met her)

  1. Maumahnya Luung. Tiang asung ngelah siki. Haha! (The house is so nice, I want to have one. Haha!)
  2. Jaan jenek jumah niki. Tiang asung pida medem. (Being at home is the best. I gotta sleep first)
  3. Tiang budal manten ke umah Aji (I want to go home to Father’s place)

That is the meaning of home in Bali. The home word can be used as noun or verb. The meaning has some different forms and usages. Those are also the examples of usage of home word in Balinese.

There are some other combinations and usages of the word home in Balinese. Have you tried to speak home word for conversation when you visit Bali? Any other form of sentence have you found there using home word?