A-Z Romantic Words in Indonesian Language

Romantic relationships are an inevitable part of our daily life. Whether you have an Indonesian significant other, or enjoy watching or reading Indonesian romance, you’ll need to get familiar with Indonesian romantic vocabularies to get going!

Romantic Words in Indonesian Language

Let’s learn some of these words today.

Cinta Love (verb/noun)
Sayang Love (verb/noun)
Rindu Miss (verb)
Kangen Miss (verb)
Kencan Date (noun)
Cium Kiss (verb)
Peluk Hug (verb)
Dekap Hug/embrace (verb)
Pacar Boy/girlfriend
Gebetan Crush
Kekasih Boy/girlfriend
Tunangan Engagement
Istri Wife
Suami Husband
Hadiah Gift
Makan malam Dinner
Goda Flirt
Menikah Marry
Pernikahan Wedding/marriage
Malaikat Angel
Manis Sweet
Hati Heart
Mimpi Dream
Pikir Think
Idaman Ideal
Sempurna Perfect
Cantik Beautiful
Tampan Handsome
Coklat Chocolate
Bunga Flower
Kejutan Surprise

There is some uniqueness in Indonesian romantic language. Check out the explanations of romantic words in Indonesian language below:

  • Cinta Means Love 

For example, ‘love’ itself is translated in many ways in Indonesian, such as ‘cinta’, ‘sayang’, and the more formal word ‘kasih’. Though they all mean love, in day-to-day use, ‘cinta’ is used to describe a deeper more romantic sense of love, while ‘sayang’ is a broader term that can be applied to both romantic and other forms of love (e.g family, friends). ‘Kasih’ is usually used in a more spiritual/godly term. ‘Kasih sayang’ is also a familiar phrase used to describe strong love in general. 

  • Sayang means Dear 

Meanwhile, some Indonesian romantic words can also be used multiple ways. Taking the word ‘sayang’ as our example again, besides using it as a noun, it can be used as a verb, and another way to use it is as a petname to our loved one. So, calling your significant other ‘Sayang’ is the Indonesian equivalent for the English use of words like ‘dear’, ‘baby’, or ‘honey’.

  • Pacar Means Boyfriend/Girlfriends 

There are also other examples of informal and formal romantic language. The Indonesian word for ‘miss’ can be ‘rindu’ (formal) or kangen’ (informal). Of course, the informal word is more commonly used in daily conversations. The term for boy/girlfriend in Indonesian is unisexual—‘pacar’ is the more commonly used word while ‘kekasih’ is more formal and deep.

  • Peluk is Hug

Since the Indonesians are quite conventional in terms of romance, there aren’t many exact Indonesian words to describe the English words such as ‘cuddle’ or ‘snuggle’. But we do have Indonesian words for kiss (‘cium’) and hug (‘peluk’). Do remember that Indonesians are not as ‘open’ as Western countries to ideas of romance, so be considerate when using romantic words in your conversations. Learn more on communication etiquette in Indonesia to help you as well.

So the next time you watch an Indonesian movie, or read an Indonesian love story, you might find these words and be familiar with them. Keep enriching your knowledge on Indonesian words and phrases! For example, you can learn  how to say how are you in Indonesianhow to say take care in Indonesian, and how to say have a great day to complete your conversation. Confidence is the key in speaking a new language, so learn these ways on how to talk with Indonesian like a pro as well! Good luck!