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How to Say “I Miss You Too” in Indonesian – Sweet Phrase

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Sometimes, you might feel you want to meet your old friend or lover so badly. Maybe, it’s your friend or you lover who wants to meet you. To express the urge to meet each other, you might say “I miss you” to them. Well of course they answer with “I miss you too”.


So, as a Bahasa Indonesia learner, you may already know the phrase to say “I miss you” which is aku kangen kamu from this explanation. Well, what about how to reply that expression in Bahasa Indonesia? Today, we will give you some explanation and example on how to say “I miss you too” in Bahasa Indonesia.

The Equivalent of “I Miss You Too” in Bahasa Indonesia

If you have learnt about how to say “I miss you” in Bahasa Indonesia, you understand that, normally, you could just say rindu or kangen to them. But, in practical use, there are numerous phrases and sentences that are used as the expression of saying “I miss you” by Indonesian.

Well, Indonesian also has some different ways in expressing the sentence “I miss you too” to someone. The simplest way to say “I miss you too” in Bahasa Indonesia is aku juga rindu kamu or aku juga kangen kamu. Those examples are the translated version of the expression “I miss you too” into Bahasa Indonesia with only shifting the position of juga.

But, if everytime you say that you miss someone too using the expression aku juga rindu kamu or aku juga kangen kamu, it would be so lame and boring. So, in the next part, we will give you some other examples, translated version, as well as the explanation on how to say “I miss you too” in Bahasa Indonesia or how to respond if you miss someone too.

Other Examples to Say “I Miss You Too” in Bahasa Indonesia

  1. Sama: Me too (this respond means that you miss them too)
  2. Aku juga: Me too (the word kangen is not necessary since they know the context)
  3. Ayo ketemuan: Let’s meet up (a direct invitation to meet each other now or soon)
  4. Aku sudah di depan rumahmu: I am already in front of your house (typical of someone who is madly deeply in love with someone and will do anything to please them)

Based on four examples above, you can use expressions to say that you miss them too other than aku juga rindu in Bahasa Indonesia. All four examples provided above are only few of how Indonesian express the sentence “I miss you too” in their daily conversation.

You will learn more of these expressions in Bahasa Indonesia when you live and speak to your Indonesian friends or colleagues. Just do not continually using the same expression over and over about feeling that you miss someone since it would become less meaningful to them.

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