How to Say “I Miss You Too” in Indonesian – Sweet Phrase

Sometimes, you might feel you want to meet your old friend or lover so badly. Maybe, it’s your friend or you lover who wants to meet you. To express the urge to meet each other, you might say “I miss you” to them. Well of course they answer with “I miss you too”. So, as […]

How to Say Nice to Meet You in Bahasa (Easy Practice)

The sentence “nice to meet you” is usually one of the first sentence that students learn when learning English. Here, we will discuss about how to say nice to meet you in Bahasa. Usually we say it when meeting with people, especially with new people, in daily life and in a business meeting. We will […]

100 Examples of Indonesian Sentences for Beginner

Indonesian sentences for beginners include daily conversational sentences. It can be in both formal such as governmental environment, office life, and news program and informal such as conversation among friends and families. Besides standard Indonesian language, local dialects are widely spoken across the country especially is smaller town. Even though many Indonesian speak in dialects, […]