How to Ask “Do You Speak English” in Indonesian

Travelling is the best choice to spend our holiday. There are some countries which can be a choice for spending holiday, one of them is Indonesia. When you go travelling, language is the first problem that will appear.
If you go travelling to the country that makes English as foreign language,not daily language, you have to know some words in their language at least how to ask do you speak English.  There are more to learn, such as: How to Apologize in Indonesian

Indonesia is a country who use their own language which is Bahasa Indonesia. Mostly of Indonesian can’t speak English well. some of them can understand English, but can’t speak speak. only several Indonesian can do both of them, understand and speak. Because of that, So this time, we will tell you how to ask do you speak English in Bahasa Indonesia.

Indonesian is known as the most friendly citizen. so it will not be hard to try communicating with them. Well, how to ask do you speak English in Indonesian?

First of all, you have to greet them:

  • “halo” or “selamat pagi/ selamat siang/ selamat sore/ selamat malam”
  • and then try to use some words in bahasa Indonesia like “permisi”. It means “excuse me”.
  • the second is you have to ask them politely because indonesian people like polite person.
  • It will make you easy to talk with them. You can ask them “apakah kamu berbicara bahasa inggris?”. It means “Do you speak english?” I will write the detail of each words.

how to ask do you speak English in Indonesian?

Do you : Apakah kamu
Speak : berbicara
English : bahasa inggris

It is how to ask them in polite way. Do you get hard to pronounce it? if you think that is too hard to pronounce, you can use this sentence “kamu bisa berbicara bahasa inggris?” or “bisa bahasa inggris?” it means “can you speak english?” or “speak english?” There are more to learn, such as: How to Say Sorry in Indonesian

Bisa : Can
Kamu : You
Berbicara : Speak
Bahasa Inggris : English

even tough you just say “bisa bahasa inggris?” they will understand what you mean. After you ask them, look at their respond. If they shake their head, it means they can’t speak English. But if they response with a nod, it means they can speak English and directly they will speak in English to you. if you have found it, you can start to talk in english with Indonesian. There are more to learn, such as: Ways to Improve Your Indonesian Speaking Skills

As I told before, Indonesia is a country which is not use English for daily conversation. So, there is just several person who can speak English. It because, we have our own language and some vernaculars and English just becomes a foreign language.

If you have talked in English with Indonesian, you may ask some topics like Name, working, do you disturb her / him, and you can ask a help to him / her.

There are some questions for asking or chitchat with Indonesian:
1. Do I disturb you? (apakah saya mengganggu?)
2. What is your name? (siapa namamu?)
3. Can you help me? (Bisakah kamu membantu saya?)
and etc.

or you can improve the question to have chitchat with Indonesian. the point is you have to be friendly then Indonesian will be more friendly to you. If they have to be friendly to you, then you may ask anything to them including ask their age.  There are more to learn, such as: Indonesian Grammar Rules

That is it how to ask do you speak English in bahasa Indonesia. We hope this article can improve your ability to speak bahasa indonesia and can make you easy to learn bahasa. Practice makes perfect. If you just read the article, then your ability to speak bahasa indonesia is nothing. Read and try to speak it. practice by yourself you can find a partner to talk in Bahasa Indonesia. Good luck!