How to teach Bahasa Indonesia to Preschoolers – Guidance and Tips

Many children nowadays are able to speak in more than one language. This is because this era demands us to know about the International language, such as English, or any other languages. But for the foreigners, who is able to speak in English (especially the foreigners that has English as their mother tongue), they can also teach their children about another language. One of the language is Bahasa Indonesia.

Bahasa Indonesia is needed for foreigners, in order to make them communicate easily with the native Indonesian. You can teach Bahasa Indonesia to preschooler kids, so that they are going to get easier to remember Indonesian Language since they are kid. Here is the article about how to teach Bahasa Indonesia to preschoolers.

Teach Bahasa Indonesia from any story book

As you know, kids love stories. This is one of the most effective way to gain their attention. You can use this method to introduce your kids about Indonesian Language. You can start to tell them the story from the traditional stories of Indonesia, such as Sangkuriang, Malin Kundang, etc.

I suggest you to read the book in Bahasa Indonesia version, so that the preschoolers can learn the Bahasa Indonesia vocabularies too. But for the first move, you can guide them to understand the point of the story, and translate the words one by one to them, so that they can adapt well to Bahasa Indonesia.

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Simple daily conversation in Bahasa Indonesia

The preschoolers are 3-5 years old kids. That means, it is the age where they still need to learn about anything, especially language. The language they learn at this age can make a big impact to their language ability when they are getting older. That is why, you can teach Bahasa Indonesia to them at their age. After you gain their attention to make them interest in learning Bahasa Indonesia, you can move to the next method, which is to do any daily conversation in Bahasa Indonesia with them. Here are the examples of the simple Bahasa Indonesia in a daily conversation:

  • Siapa namamu? – what is your name?
  • Selamat pagi, mama – good morning, mom
  • Apakah kamu sudah makan? – have you eaten yet?
  • Selamat tidur – good night
  • Ayo, mandi – let’s take a bath
  • Ayo, makan – let’s eat
  • Kamu mau ini? – do you want this?

The sentences above are the simple conversation that you can use to teach Bahasa Indonesia to preschoolers. Make sure that you translate it one by one, so that they can get used to it and they can understand Bahasa Indonesia well.

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Name the surroundings in Bahasa Indonesia

If you want to teach the preschoolers about Bahasa Indonesia, you are going to need a room for the better learning process. Kids in the preschoolers age love to hold and touch many things that look interesting to them. You can take the opportunity of it by stick the name of many things in Bahasa Indonesia.

For example, you can name the mineral bottle (botol), pen (pulpen), spoon (sendok), fork (garpu), etc. This will help the children to memorize more vocabularies, and let them know about the object of every new vocabularies. This is one of the most effective way to learn Bahasa Indonesia. 

Learn Bahasa Indonesia through music

Children love to listen to any music. Especially for the kid’s songs. There are many Indonesian kid songs that can be suitable for preschoolers to learn. You can guide them by translating the words in the chosen song to the children. Through the music, children can enjoy learning Bahasa Indonesia, and it also help them to memorize more new vocabularies. You can also ask them to sing along while you play the music, and you can also sing together with the children.

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Learn Bahasa Indonesia through movie

There are many movies in Bahasa Indonesia. But for the preschoolers, the most suitable movie is a cartoon movie. One of the cartoon movie originally from Indonesia is Adit &Sopo Jarwo. This movie helps children to know about many vocabularies, and also help them to improve their pronunciation. This is because children around preschooler age love to mimic everything, especially language. You can also help them to know about many new vocabularies, and then you can ask them to practice Bahasa Indonesia together with you.

Learning by games

Remember, children love to play anything. If the preschooler kids show the signs that indicate them to get bored by learning, you can create any games for them. This game – of course- need to be an educational game for the preschoolers. Remember to add some Indonesian Language in the game, so that the preschoolers can learn Bahasa Indonesia from the game. You can also give the reward for the preschoolers, if they win the game, etc.

That is all for the how to teach Bahasa Indonesia to Preschoolers article. Remember to be patient when you teach the preschoolers, so that they can enjoy the learning process, and it will help them to be fluent in Bahasa Indonesia.