How to Write An Effective Email in Bahasa Indonesia

Today we will start to learn something new about Bahasa Indonesia, are you ready for this? Before we enter the lesson, first, as usual, we preview what are the lessons that we also did.

Yesterday we have already learned about how to write a phrase in Bahasa Indonesiahow to write a conditional sentence in Indonesianhow to learn Indonesian consonant also learn about Indonesian Sanskrit names. Below here are the proper ways how to write an effective email in Bahasa Indonesia. Let’s go friends.

1. The Greetings 

The greetings are divided into two; formal and informal ways. If you want to write a mail with formal ways. So you have to write on the left side like this; Yang terhormat or Dengan hormat then write the his name/ her name/name of the company even the institution’s name.

Then, write Di tempat (as his or her place), it is for the formal mail only. Besides in an informal way, you just write Yang tersayang or Yang tercinta even Halo then follow with your friend’s name.

2. Introduce your self

After the greeting, you have to introduce yourself. While you want to apply for a job, so you should write such as like this; Perkenalkan nama saya Doni Setiabudi setelah saya melihat iklan lowongan bapak di media sosial, saya tertarik untuk melamar pekerjaan sebagai karyawan di perusahaan Anda. (Let me introduce my self, my name is Doni Setiabudi.

After I see your job advertisements in social media, I would like to fill the position as an employee in your company). Besides, if you want to send a mail to your friend, just write like this; Halo, Nanda apakah kamu mengingatku? Saya Jessica dari Australia sahabat lama kamu. (Hello, Nanda are you remember me? I am Jesica from Australia your old best friend).

3. Body of mail

Then, the body of mail in this part you should explain what are your aims here. If you want to apply for a job, so you should explain more about yourself; what is your complete name, your lives on, how old are you, what is your major and what are your skills?

Explain all of these with details, you could write on the list; an example is Nama : Doni Setiabudi , (Name : Doni Setiabudi, ST), Alamat : Jl. Dahlia no. 11 (Address: Dahlia Str. No. 11). Besides, if you want to meet your old bestfriend you could say like this; Pada bulan depan, aku dan keluargaku akan berkunjung ke Jakarta, aku berharap kita dapat bertemu di bandar udara International Jakarta jam 10.00. (Next month, I and my family will go to Jakarta, I wish I can meet you on The International Airport of Jakarta at 10.00 a.m.)

4. Add some attachments

While you apply for a job, informing an attachment is a must. It is to give more information about you, how is your skill, did university you come from, how is your experience and more. After you complete the body of the mail before you make a closing.

Please to inform the company to see the attachment that you attach in your mail. You can write like this; Berikut saya lampirkan beberapa lampiran untuk Anda, sebagai bahan pertimbangan Bapak/Ibu agar saya dapat diterima di perusahaan ini (Below here I attach some attachments to you for your consideration so that I could be accepted in your company).  

Therefore, while you want to mail your friend, is it necessary to add some attachments? Yes, you could. Like the previous case, Jessica is Nanda’s old best friend. Maybe, it might Nanda was forgotten with Jessica, because he never meets Jessica in ten years. So, in here Jessica can attach some old photos that had an unforgettable moment. With this, Nanda will remember that she is indeed her best friend. In here, you can write like this; Ini adalah foto ketika dulu kamu pernah mengajarkan saya naik sepeda di halaman belakang rumahmu. (This was a photo when you  taught me riding a bicycle at your backyard)

5. Politeness

Write an email informal ways, in here you should do the politeness. Write; Hormat saya, Terimakasih atas perhatiannya, even Mohon. Hormat saya, uses while you want to close your mail in English it means Regards, Sincerely then put your sign below this. Then Terimakasih atas perhatiannya is signed gratefulness to the company.

Otherwise, Mohon is used to while we late to reply a mail; Mohon Maaf saya terlambat membaca surat Anda (Pardon me, I’m sorry I’m late to reply your mail). Besides, in informal way you just can write like this; Terimakasih, telah membaca surat dariku (Thank you for reading my mail). Then, write a wish such as; Semoga kita bisa bertemu pekan depan (I wish we can meet on next weekend).

6. Spelling check

This is the final steps on to write an effective email in Bahasa Indonesia. So, in this final step, you must read all your mail carefully and do a spelling grammar check.
Make sure the name of the company is right, the address is valid and also the numbers. Do the same to your other’s mail. Make sure there is no mistake. Check also the name of the email recipient, it is important too.

Hopefully, the above on how to write an effective email in Bahasa Indonesia could useful for you who want to write an email in Bahasa Indonesia. So, let’s try and do it.

Do not never give up. Furthermore, this is the most used Indonesian verbs that you should know.