22 Quotes About Indonesian Food (Menu and Culture)

Hello.. how are you? Today, I am going to give some quotes about food in Indonesian. The quotes you are about to see below are stated by some people, and it will be some good quotes for you. The quotes below will also help you to improve your Indonesian language skill. Before you get down […]

Indonesian Letter Writing Phrases – Clear Examples

Hi everyone! I hope you are all have a nice day while reading this! Today we’re gonna learn something deep. Today is all about writing, which is Indonesian letter writing phrases. If you plan to have some correspondence with locals, then this article may helpful for you. Indonesian Letter Writing – Headings If you want […]

How to Write An Effective Email in Bahasa Indonesia

Today we will start to learn something new about Bahasa Indonesia, are you ready for this? Before we enter the lesson, first, as usual, we preview what are the lessons that we also did. Yesterday we have already learned about how to write a phrase in Bahasa Indonesia, how to write a conditional sentence in Indonesian, how to […]

Ancient Indonesian Writing – History – Structures – Example

Hello! Welcome back! Learning language means learning every form of it, both oral and writing, even including sign language because all of it used to help us communicate our mind and feeling. Why writing in Bahasa Indonesia yang Baik dan Benar (Good and Right Bahasa Indonesia) usually is considered harder than other skills? Do you […]

Indonesian Informal Letter Examples and Meaning

Hello! Welcome back As you know, learning informal language is as important as learning Indonesian Formal Language to deliver more flexible communication. I guess you have learned many Useful Words to Get You Anywhere in Indonesia, right? Now, why don’t we try to explore more about Indonesian Informal Letter. Therefore, you could use Bahasa Indonesia […]

Indonesian Writing Symbols – Structures – Examples

Hello, welcome back! Symbols are very important in human communication. It is part of language too. Although there are universal symbols, they are arbitrary, means it depends on people convention. In Bahasa Indonesia, there are several symbols, mostly the punctuation. Now, we will learn about Indonesian Writing Symbols and how to use it, both in […]

4 Tips of Teaching Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigner

Have you ever heard the terms BIPA or Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing (Bahasa Indonesia for non-native speaker or foreigner)? Unlike for native speaker, teaching Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigner is slightly different because we deal with people that learn his/her second language and has foreign language(s) as their basis. Therefore, the teaching method should be […]