I Miss You in Indonesian Language – Meaning – Phrases

When you have to go somewhere or you have to stay at other places and separate with your love one, sometimes we feel a certain feeling. We will miss our spouse, children, parents, friends and also our neighborhood sometime.

As a person who have to travel because of working obligation, being feeling missing is a normal thing. Even sometimes we ignore it just to make everything just fine. But for the person who love to travel as a traveler, I think it is easier to manage the feeling, because he/ she intend to do traveling by his or her will so they know the consequencies.

Besides missing someone who usually we meet and live around us, sometimes we also miss places, spots, atmosphere or certain habits. For example, if we have to move to other countries and need to live for several times, we sometimes miss the traditions or even the smell of the place where we lived in.

Based on science background, in biology and psychological sides, our bodies naturally produce certain chemicals- hormones, that are produced by glands, so these feelings sometimes appear because what we think and what we seeor what we smell. It is quite unique conditions of human being.

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Related in language, when we have to release the feeling, sometimes we just call the person and say it that we miss them. There are some phrase in Bahasa Indonesia to represent your feelings.

Miss or missing you in Indonesian we say it as “rindu” in formal way or “kangen” in informal.

Here are the sentences that reflect our missing feeling in Bahasa Indonesia:

  1. Aku rindu kamu (I miss you)
  2. Aku kangen kamu (I miss you)
  3. Apakah kamu kangen sama aku? (Do you miss me?)
  4. Terus terang, aku merindukanmu ( honestly, I am missing you)
  5. Pada saat kita jauh, aku merasakan aku rindu padamu (when we are apart, I feel like I miss you)
  6.  Dia merindukan anak-anaknya ( she misses her children)
  7. Dia merindukan kampung halamannya (he misses his hometown)
  8. Selama tinggal di asrama, anak-anak itu merindukan orang tua mereka (When they live in dormitory, the children miss their parents)
  9. Saya sangat merindukan suasana kota kelahiran saya (I really miss the atmosphere of town the place I born)
  10. Jangan rindu, itu berat (don’t being miss , it is hard)

So, just practise say “rindu” or “kangen” for someone you really miss to, especially when they are Indonesian, as Indonesian it is common to express our feeling one another. 

I Miss You in Indonesian Language – The Phrases 

There are also a phrase that quite popular nowdays in Indonesia from a scene of Indonesian movie called “Dilan 1990” about missing. It is said that:

  • “Jangan rindu. Ini berat. Kamu tidak akan kuat. Biar aku saja”
    (Don’t miss me. It is difficult. You won’t stand it. Let me be the one who miss you)

Isn’t it sweet? The story tells about two teenage lover who built their relationship when they were as highschool students.

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Besides represent our feeling for our spouse or lover, saying “kangen” or “rindu” also can be said for our parents and children. Especially when we have to be apart from our family.

So it is easy to say I miss you in Indonesian by knowing the context wheter it is formal or informal phrase.