What Region of Indonesia Has The Best Accent to Learn Bahasa Indonesia?

When you have a passion at Linguistics and you keep wondering which country has the most regional languages in the world? The answer is Papua New Guinea. The first position of the country with the most languages in the world is now occupied by Papua New Guinea with several languages reaching 867 languages, while Indonesia […]

Is It Difficult to Learn Indonesian? Learning Tips

Are you having difficulty learning Indonesian? Or are you having ease learning it? Well if you are not having any particular difficulties in learning Indonesian, there must be some similarities between Indonesian and your mother language. So, is it difficult to learn Indonesian? In learning any second language, there some condition that make the learners […]

Wisest Quotes about Indonesian Nature – Deep Meaning

Nature is arguably a thing that has become one with human life in general. On the other hand, nature and human life are interrelated and interdependent, among others. We humans definitely need nature to survive. All the things that we make, more or less come from the natural source of use. Nature that must be […]

Most Romantic Things to Say to a Girl in Indonesian

Many girls love to hear some romantic words from their couple. This is actually because girls want to get their couple’s attention, and they just want to make sure that their couple still loves them. To make girls happy with the romantic words, you are going to need to learn some of it. Indonesian Phrases […]

How to Teach Bahasa Indonesia to Foreigners – Tips and Guidances

Language is the most important thing we need to know in order to communicate with people. We can learn more than one languages- instead of our original language- to let us know about other countries’ language. If you want to learn about other countries’ language, you can have many benefits. One of the benefit is […]

5 Indonesian Language Difficulties and How to Learn It

Perhaps Bahasa Indonesia is not in everyone’s list of language that they would learn. But when you are going to visit or travel to Indonesia, learning the language is crucial. The truth is Indonesian has few expectations of foreigners visiting the country to actually learn the language. So, when there are foreigners making attempt to […]