A-Z List of Loanwords in Indonesian – Definition and Phrase

Hello guys, so what’s up? We hope that you are alright. Last days, we already learn about The list of cities in Indonesian, in here we also know how to ask people about the direction when we got lost. So for now, are you ready to learn Bahasa Indonesia again? After we know about on How to […]

Indonesian Word Derivation – The Origins and Development

Bahasa Indonesia is rooted from Malay languages which is also the same root language used in Malaysia. Besides rooted from Malay language, bahasa Indonesia also absorbed words from other languages which is known as loanwords. Absorbing words from other languages is mostly because of trading, colonization, or simply due to cultural influence. Here’s the material […]

A-Z List of English Words from Indonesian Origin

Indonesia is an Austronesian language, which means it is a language widely known in Southeast Asia and around the Pacific area. Indonesian language is unique because it is the official language for hundreds, even thousands of different ethnic groups in Indonesia. Aside from that, Indonesian language also contains many words that are derived or ‘borrowed’ […]

20 List of Indonesian Words Similar to English (Loanwords)

Bahasa Indonesia as national language today is actually the standardized of Malay language. The language is chosen because it considered as neutral language over local dialect. Firstly declared as national language in 1928, bahasa Indonesia is still the national language of Indonesia. Even though the language was rooted from Malay language, but it is actually […]