Meaning of “Bang” In Indonesian – Easy Examples

Language is an important thing for us to learn. If you want to trip abroad, you are going to need to learn about other languages. For example, if you want to go to Indonesia, you need to learn about the Bahasa Indonesia. Indonesian language consists of many vocabularies.

Anjir meaning in Indonesian will help you to know about other common vocabularies in Indonesia. It is actually the same as many other languages. But sometimes, some words in Indonesian have a different meaning based on the time we use it. One of the word’s type is an abbreviation or a short word. Indonesian language abbreviations  contains more example of Indonesian abbreviation.

One of the short word that is used in Bahasa Indonesia is “bang”. If you search “bang” in KBBI (Indonesian dictionary), “bang” means “azan” or the Muslim calls to ritual prayer. But in the other meaning, “bang” is used as an abbreviation of the word “abang”. “abang” means an older brother. Here are some usages of the word “bang” in Indonesian.

“bang” as the abbreviation of “abang”

As explained above, “abang” means an older brother, while “bang” is a short form of it. This is a common word to use in a daily conversation. You are going to hear this word often when you go to Indonesia. This is because this word is used nationally, and you can hear it everywhere in Indonesia. 

You can also read basic daily conversation in public spots in bahasa indonesia to help you learn the daily conversation in Bahasa Indonesia. Here are some examples of the sentence from the word “bang” in Bahasa Indonesia.

  • Selamat siang, “bang”. Boleh numpang tanya soal alamat ini? – good afternoon, bro. Can I ask you about an address?
  • Permisi, bang. Boleh lewat daerah sini tidak? – excuse me, brother (or sir in a more polite meaning), can I pass this area?
  • Maaf, bang. Boleh saya numpang lewat? – excuse me, brother. Can I pass here?
  • Bang, pesan bakso dua porsi, ya! – brother (or you can use sir in English), can I have two more meatballs, please.
  • Mau ke mana, bang? – where are you going, brother?

From the examples above, you can see some usage of “bang” in Indonesian. When you want to ask the older man or older brother than you, you can use “bang” anytime. This is because the usage of “bang” is actually flexible, and you won’t offend anyone if you use it, because it is  considered as polite as “sir” in English.

“bang” as a word to call someone older than you

When it comes to the word “bang”, it is not only used to call your older brother. It is also used to call anyone who is older or look older than you. This is considering polite, and it is a common greeting to someone older in Indonesia. Here are some examples of the word “bang” as a word to call someone older than you.

  • Selamat siang, bang. Boleh saya minta tolong? – good afternoon, bro. Can you do me a favor?
  • Permisi, bang.  kalau saya mau ke kantor polisi, arahnya ke mana, ya? – Excuse me brother. Can you show me the direction to the police station, please?
  • Bang, pesanan saya tolong dibungkus, ya. – brother, please wrap my order, please (if you are talking to a waiter.

The usage of “bang” from a traditional language

Indonesia consist of many languages from many areas. Some of the tribe that is using “bang” as a common word is Betawi, and Melayu. what is the different between Bahasa Indonesia and bahasa Melayu can help you to figure out the difference of Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Melayu. Here are some examples of it.

  • Mau pergi ke mana, bang? – where are you going, brother?
  • Dia memang jahat sama saya, bang- he is rude to me, bro!
  • Mau aku temanin ga, bang? – do you want me to accompany you, bro?

That is all for the meaning of “bang” in Indonesian article. I hope this article can help you to understand more about Bahasa. Cheers!