Phrases for Formal Letter Writing In Indonesian

Hello, everyone? How are you today? We hope all of you is alright and in the good condition. Well, today we will guide you how to make a formal letter in Indonesian and also learn about the phrases for formal letter writing in Indonesian.

Last day, we already know about how to write an effective email in Bahasa Indonesia. In here, we know that in Indonesia the letter divided into two ways; formal and informal letter. We also know how to write in that both ways too. So, how are the phrases for the formal letter? Let’s check the following below here.

  1. The letter’s headingThe letter’s heading on a formal letter in Indonesia fill with the name of the company, organization, even the foundation. In here you should write the completely name of that company following the complete address. Do not forget to put the phone numbers too. So, here is the example of how to make the letter’s heading on a formal letter in Indonesia.

    PT. INDAH SEJAHTERA Jl. Jenderal Soedirman no 115 Telp. (021) 7771297 Fax. (021) 8881288  Hp. (021) 9991989. In here you can see that the name of the company is PT. INDAH SEJAHTERA, then it follows by address and completely phone numbers as you see.

  2. How to write the places and dates it is important to writeAfter you write the heading, you should write the places and dates on the right below the heading.  In here, you should write; Jakarta, 01 Januari 2019, or you can write like this Jakarta, 01-01-2019. Well, writing this place and date aims to find out when this letter was made.
  3. The serial number of the letter While in the formal letter there is a serial number on the left side. It could write like this  No. : 0235/1515/005 and it follows by Lampiran: – and then Hal: Panggilan Kerja. For the first, it is the serial number, No. : 0235/1515/005 this serial number based on the company. So, in here each company must have a different serial number of the letter. Then, it follows by Lampiran: – it means attachment. In here, if you have an attachment you should write the number if it is not you just write “-“ like this. Perihal or hal it means what is the purpose of this letter?  You can say that the purpose is for panggilan kerja (work call) even rapat seluruh karyawan (meeting for all workers)
  4. Formal greetingsDengan hormat, or Yang terhormat, is the best formal greeting that always used in the formal letter in Indonesia. This formal greeting should be written one line with a coma.
  5. The contentsThe contents are referred to its purpose if it says that the formal letter is for work call. So, this formal letter will inform you about the work call in straight to the point paragraphs and the information are written in numbering which from; day, date, place, time, and your position as.
    Example the content of the formal letter in Indonesia; Sehubungan dengan hasil test Saudara pada tanggal 15 Desember 2018, maka dengan ini kami mengharapkan kehadiran Saudara untuk bergabung dalam perusahaan kami. Saudara dapat bekerja pada: 
  6. The closingUsually, in the part of the closing, there is a sentence that says Demikian surat pemberitahuan ini dari kami, Atas perhatian dan kehadiran Saudara kami ucapkan terima kasih. In here that explains that the company will be very grateful that the employee wants to accept that job and comes to the company for work that appropriates with what has been stated.
  7. The sender identityThe sender identity must clear, with this we can know who is sending the letter. Is he the director of the company or else? So, put your sender identity after your signature. This is how the right to write the sender identity in Indonesia, first you should write Hormat Kami, (with a comma) then follows by the name of the company PT. INDAH SEJAHTERA. Below of this, you can sign and write your name one line after it.
  8. AttachmentFinally the attachment, if you do not want to attach something, just skip it. However, if the letter that said Lampiran : 1  it is must you should attach the attachment. Informs in your formal letter to that you want to attach one attachment that is must to read. The attachment could be daftar riwayat hidup, laporan keuangan, laporan nilai siswa and else.

Hopefully, the phrases for formal letter writing in Indonesian above can be useful for you. So, keep it practice to write formal letter in Indonesia and good luck.

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