Meaning of “Galau” in Indonesian – Examples

If you want to go or live in Indonesia, you are going to need to know about some slang words. This slang word is used in a daily conversation, or the informal language in Indonesian society. This is important for you, because you are going to meet a lot of people that is using this slang word to speak.

If you don’t learn this slang word, you are going to be confused easily, and it will make you can’t communicate easily with native Indonesian.
One of the slang word that Indonesian people commonly use is “galau”. “galau” in KBBI (Indonesian Dictionary) means a condition where someone is messed up, especially related to their mind.

Galau: sad, stressed out, depressed, break up, just terribly sad moment. 

They feel anxiety, worry, sadness, etc. This condition is commonly found in the Indonesian teenager. The word “galau” commonly used by people to state a condition of someone’s sadness after break up with their couple or when they face a difficult situation.

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“galau” to state a condition after break up

The love story sometimes have to end. Because many teenagers in Indonesia loves to have a relationship with someone, just for a status. That is why, you are going to meet a lot of teenager that break up with their partner, and be in a “galau” condition.

Here are some sentences that is usually used to state a “galau” condition after break up.

  •  Kamu kenapa? Lagi galau,ya? – what is wrong with you? Are you sad/worry about something?
  • Jangan galau, karena masih banyak orang yang mencintaimu.- don’t be sad, because there are still a lot of people that love you.
  • Kamu kenapa sedih? Lagi galau,ya? -why do you look so sad? Are you worrying about something?
  •  Diputusin pacar memang sakit, tapi jangan galau terus,ya? – I know that breaking up is a sad thing, but don’t get too sad and worry about anything, ok?
  • Jangan galau terus,ya? Tetap semangat! – don’t be sad again,ok? Don’t give up!

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From the sentences above, those are some examples of sentences when you are asking about someone’s condition. You can use the sentences when your friend or anyone you know if they look sad, especially after breaking up with their partner. This might help them to get rid of their love problem, and might cheer up a little bit.

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“galau” to state a condition when someone is sad

Not only to state a condition after breaking up with someone, but “galau” is used to state a condition when someone is sad. There is a time in our life when we have a trouble that is hard to be solved, and it makes us keep thinking about it over and over again.

When you see some sad Indonesian people, when they look like they are thinking about something, it might be a “galau” condition.

Here are some sentences of “galau” when someone is sad.

  • Apa yang sedang kamu pikirkan? Jangan galau terus, kawan. – what are you thinking about right now? Don’t be sad, buddy.
  • Kamu galau,ya? Semangat, dong!- are you sad now? Don’t give up!
  •  Semua masalah pasti bisa terselesaikan, jadi jangan galau. – every problem can be solved, so don’t be sad.

That is all for the meaning of “galau” in Indonesian. Hopefully this article can help you to enrich you Indonesian skill.