Meaning of “Nyasar” Indonesian – Clear Examples

How are you, people? I hope everything is fine. Today, I am going to give you the information about one of Indonesian slang word. The word that I am going to inform is “nyasar”. Nyasar is one of the slang word that is commonly used in Indonesian.

Nyasar is a short form of “kesasar”, which means lost, stray, or misguided in English. This short form is used by many Indonesian people, especially the teenagers. They often make a short form of ant word, in order to talk in a shorter word. Meaning of “Galau” in Indonesian will enrich your Indonesian vocabulary.

Meaning of “Nyasar” Indonesian

  • Nyasar: Lost 
  • Aku nyasar: I got lost 
  • Kesasar (informal): Lost 

“Nyasar” is used by Indonesian people whenever they are lost, or when they are taking about someone that seems like a lost person. If you are a foreigner that is lost and confused about it, you can use this word to ask people around you, in order to ask for their help.

You don’t need to worry, because even though “nyasar” is a slang word, this word is a well known word in Indonesia. It means that you can use this in every place in Indonesia just in case you are lost.

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How to Pronounce “nyasar”

Because “nyasar”is a slang word, it might be hard for you to search about how to pronounce it in your Indonesian dictionary. But don’t worry, because I will tell you about how to pronounce “nyasar”. If you are already familiar with Indonesian pronunciation, “nyasar” is not hard to pronounce. Here is the further explanation.

Nyasar – consist of two syllables, “nya” and “sar. For the first syllable, “nya” is pronounce the same as “nya” in “nyaman” (means comfortable, cozy in English). While for the second syllable, “man” is pronounced the same as “man” in “manis” (means sweet in English). Once you have known about how to pronounce each syllables, you can combine it, and start to pronounce “nya-sar” over and over until you become fluent to pronounce.

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The Concept of “nyasar” in Indonesian

When it comes to the concept of “nyasar” we can talk about the usage of this word. “nyasar” can be used anytime someone is lost or to define their lost condition in a slang word. The usage of this word is actually the same as when we are saying “I am lost” in English.

If you want to use the word “nyasar”, you can use it as an adverb. You can tell your condition to the people in Indonesian, and trust me, a lot of people is willing to help you.  Simple Conversation in Indonesian Language will also help you to know more about basic Indonesian conversation. 

Example of “nyasar” in Indonesian

Many people in Indonesia still loves to talk to foreigners. This can help you to make a better communication with Indonesian people, especially when you are lost and looking for a right direction. Here are the examples of the word “nyasar” in  sentence.

  • Permisi, pak. Saya rasa saya nyasar di daerah ini. Boleh tolong arahkan saya,tidak? – excuse me, sir. I think I am lost in this area. Can you help me by giving the direction?
  • Saya sedang nyasar. Bisa tolong bantu saya cari alamat? – I am lost now. Can you help me to give the direction for this address?
  • Kemana lagi saya harus pergi? Sepertinya saya nyasar – where else should I go? I think I am lost
  • Tolong bantu saya, karena saya nyasar di sini – please help me, because I am lost here.

That is all for the meaning of “Nyasar” Indonesian. I hope you can get more information from this article, and you can understand about it too. Just in case if you are lost in Indonesia, you don’t need to worry, because you can use the examples above. Good luck!