Similarities between Indonesia and France – Vocabularies – History

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France visiting Indonesia

In history, it was mentioned that France had come to Indonesia at that time, the Dutch East Indies (the old name of Indonesia) because this land was new land which was contested by the European nations. This is where France indirectly started relations with Indonesia. In here, France once ruled Java from 1806 to 1811. When France there, there are some loanwords from France that fill in Indonesia’s words.

The examples are opéra (opéRa) France turns into opera (opera) Indonesian. It means a stage drama art that is entirely or partially accompanied by music. Opera Van Java adalah acara saluran komedi yang terkenal di Indonesia. (Opera Van Java is a famous comedy channel show in Indonesia). Then, corset (kORsè) France turns to korset (korsét) Indonesian it means tight women’s underclothes used to make the body look slim. Korset in that time uses by the woman that always use kebaya (traditional Java clothes).

The relationship between Indonesia and France

The relationship between Indonesia and France still going on until know. Even though France was not too long in Indonesia, France’s influence on Indonesia was quite large. The legal system in Indonesia it is almost the same as France which at that time was replaced by the Dutch.

The following below are some lists of loan words from France that have been used until now.

Loanword France[/th] [th]Indonesia[/th] [th]Meaning

à la (ala)[/td] [td]ala[/td] [td]on; to; will

boulevard (bulevaR) [/td] [td]bulevar; jalan raya besar[/td] [td]big high way

boutique (bUtik)[/td] [td]butik[/td] [td]exclusive clothing store

bouquet (bUkè)[/td] [td]buket[/td] [td]bouquet

buffet (bufè) [/td] [td] bufet [/td] [td] side board

[/td] [td]Cell_Content[/td] [td]Cell_Content

camouflage (kamUflaj)  [/td] [td] kamuflase [/td] [td]camouflage

fac-similé (faksimilé) [/td] [td] faksimile [/td] [td] fax mail

Another lists of loanwords from France

Below here are another loanwords from France that you should know too. We will give the example how to make a sentence with loanwords from France.

No.[/th] [th]France[/th] [th]Indonesian[/th] [th]Meaning

1.[/td] [td]brochure [bROHuR] [/td] [td] brosur [/td] [td] brochure

2.[/td] [td]café [kafé] [/td] [td] kafe [/td] [td] cafe

3.[/td] [td] camera [kæmera][/td] [td] kamera [/td] [td] camera

4.[/td] [td]crème [kRèm][/td] [td] krim [/td] [td] creme

5.[/td] [td]de Nîmes [/td] [td] denim [/td] [td] denim

6.[/td] [td] design [disaīn] [/td] [td] desain [/td] [td] design

7.[/td] [td]féminin [féminC] [/td] [td] feminin [/td] [td] feminine

8.[/td] [td]masculin [maskulC] [/td] [td] maskulin [/td] [td] masculine

9.[/td] [td]résumé [Rézumé] [/td] [td] resume [/td] [td] resume

10.[/td] [td]valet [valè][/td] [td] valet [/td] [td] valet

Di brosur, ada promo 70% setiap pembelian tiga baju (In the brochure, there is a 70% discount for every purchase of three clothes). Brosur is written information in the form of leaflets containing brief information. Next, Krim keju pada kue tart ini sangat lezat (Cream cheese on this tart cake is very delicious). We know that krim or cream made from white egg and heavy cream then mix it with full high speed. 

Then, Kamera itu sangat mahal harganya (That camera is very expensive). Kamera in France is kæmera, this is an image recorder or portrait tool to catch a picture. De Nîmes in Indonesian it means denim. Denim is  a type of fabric made of jeans. We can make a sentence like; dia suka sekali memakai celana berbahan denim (he likes to wear denim pants).

Next example, penampilanmu sangat feminin hari ini (Your look like is very feminine today). Feminin is something that is related to the nature of women, such as beautiful, nice, and others.  The last is resume or in France means Rézumé. A personal summary or someone usually made in terms of applying for work or other. Tolong, kirim resume kamu melalui surat dan kirimkan hari ini. (Please, send your resume by mail and send it today.). For more information on how to write properly mail in Bahasa Indonesia, you can see it on how to write an effective email in Bahasa Indonesia.

Hopefully, the similarities between Indonesia and France can give you a benefit. Most are only different from the method of writing and pronunciation but the meanings are also the same. To add your knowledge you can see more on Is Tagalog and Bahasa Indonesia similar?the similarities between Malaysia and Indonesia,  some list of Indonesian Words Similar to English even the Indonesian words in Malay. Do not ever give up to learn Bahasa Indonesia. Good  luck.