How to Propose a Girl in Indonesian Language in The Right Phrases

Through language we could express our feeling, including love. You have learned some expressions in Indonesian Proverbs About Love. Then, why don’t we learn how to propose a girl in Indonesian Language. Maybe you will get accepted. Let’s learn! But, before we start, take a look of these useful articles.

Wedding Proposal  in Indonesian

Marriage is a sacred ceremony in Indonesian because in Indonesian culture it is taboo to live together if you are not married or do not have blood relation. Here are the common proposal to propose a girl in Indonesian language.

  • Maukah kau menikah denganku? (Will you marry me?)
  • Maukah kau menjadi istriku? (Do you want to be my wife?)
  • Aku ingin kau menjadi istriku (I want you to be my wife)
  • Maukah kau menjadi pendamping hidupku? (Do you want to be my life partner (wife)?)
  • Aku ingin kau menjadi ibu dari anak-anakku (I want you to be the mother of my children)
  • Maukah kau membantuku membangun sebuah bahtera untuk mengarungi lautan dan berlabuh di sebuah pulau kebahagiaan? (Do you wantt to help me to build an ark together, sailing through the ocean and harbor to the island of the happiness?)
  • Maukah kau mendampingiku di kala susah dan senang? (Do you want to accompany me for worse and better, sickness and health?)
  • Maukah kau menjadi bagian dari hidupku? (Do you want to be part of my life?)
  • Aku ingin kau menjadi bagian dari keluargaku dan aku menjadi bagian dari keluargamu (I want you to be part of my family and vice versa)
    *Do you know that there is a belief that ‘marrying someone means marrying a whole family’. Mostly it’s true, especially in conventional family. Sometimes, most of the wedding guest are not the bride and groom’s friends and family only, but their parent’s. Therefore, don’t be shock if an Indonesian wedding would be fulled by hundred guest.

Notes: If you notice, you just need to say ‘aku ingin…’ (I want you to be …) or ‘maukah kau menjadi …’ (do you want to be…) On the other words you could make it with your own language.

More creative way to propose in Indonesian

Beside the ‘traditional way’ to propose a girl, you could also do some romantic stuff, such as read or make poetry, sing a song, using pantun or many more.

  • Indonesian Poetry

Here is the example of a romantic poetry from Indonesian author, Sapardi Djoko Damono’s ‘Aku Ingin’ (I want). Take a look!

Aku Ingin

aku ingin mencintaimu dengan sederhana
dengan kata yang tak pernah diucapkan
kayu kepada api yang menjadikannya abu.

Aku ingin mencintaimu dengan sederhana
dengan isyarat yang tak sempat disampaikan
awan kepada hujan yang menjadikannya tiada


I want

I want to love you simply
In words not spoken by
Tinder to the flame which transforms it to ash

I want to love you simply
In signs not expressed by
Clouds to the rain which make them evanesce 

  • Indonesian Pantun

In addition, you could also make your own pantun. It would give you additional praise because you use one of Indonesian culture too. Here is one of the example.

Habis hujan ada pelangi (After rain there is rainbow)

menghangatkan udara yang tadi beku (warm the weather that was cold)

Mau kau mendampingi (Do you want to accompany me?)

dan menjadi ibu dari anak-anakku? (and be the mother of my children?)

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  • Indonesian Song

Beside poetry and pantun, you could also try to sing a song! If the Americans has ‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars or ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love with You’ by Elvis Presley, in Bahasa Indonesia there are many songs that also could be the way of how to propose a girl in Indonesian language. This is an example of Andra and the Backbone’ hit song called ‘Sempurna’ (Perfect). It would be so romantic because you try to sing and Indonesian song! 

Kau adalah darahku
Kau adalah jantungku
Kau adalah hidupku
Lengkapi diriku
Oh sayangku, kau begitu
Sempurna.. Sempurna..
You are my blood
You are my heart
You are my whole life
complete me
Oh my love, you are
perfect… perfect
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Those are examples how to propose a girl in Indonesian language. Of course, you could be more creative and using your own way. I hope you get inspired. Before we end this lesson, take a look of these following articles to add your vocabulary. Keep practice.